Monday, December 29, 2008

Another great clip

Since Im in the mode thought I would post this :)

Are you a Christian parent? You NEED to watch this.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A look fwd to the new year

I know I know, I havent blogged in a long time. I believe this is the first time in Dec at all. This month has been busy, a good busy I guess. Im so greatful for the blessing of Christmas but with all the hustle and bustle Im always glad for it to pass. (Is that bad to say?) (On a sidenote: Maybe thats an indication we're not fully dumping the commercialism of CHristmas and fully embracing the true meaning. Something to think about I guess) Anyways, Ive had several people comment on how theyve looked at this blog and were sad to see I hadnt been posting. Honestly since the election I just lost the taste for blogging. I dont know if that makes any sense but I have such strong convictions and feelings about many of the issues raised that when the *bad* side one I just had to take a break from blogging for fear of offending many of my "friends". Hmmm....maybe offending over certain issues isnt actually a bad thing. (something else to ponder I guess). Well with that said Ive been thinking about what I should write about when I decided to get back on here again. Ive sat through several teachings at church with thoughts racing through my head thinking man if I could only write all these down in my blog that would be great. I want what I write to let everyone know how we're doing but also to be an encouragment to others. Life can be hardbeing a keeper at home and mommy, and since I love going to other moms blogs and taking at peak at their daily lives I want to pass that on to others as well.
With all that said Im ready for the new year!!! We will be welcoming a new blessing to our family in July. This is exciting bc this baby was totally given to God. Derek and I prayed that the Lord would chose to bless us with another baby in HIS perfect timing. We know that when He gives us the blessing of another child He'll also provide for that child. So while sometimes *we* and others wonder how on earth we can afford another baby we just go on with the assurance that God keeps His promises and His word promises to provide for His children. Of course that means that we need to be good stewards (in all areas) of what He gives us. This is one thing we're working on for 2009. Being better stewards in all areas esp our finances. God has blessed Derek with a wonderful job surrounded by many believers and has blessed us in other ways that has allowed me to stay home and live with the worry of not having enough money to buy groceries or gas (although there were times when gas was close to $4 a gallon!) eventhough he makes less than most people we know. But we know we still spend foolishly and havent fully surrendered the area of finances completely to Him. We have full intentions but we know when we make bad/stupid money decisions we're obviously not trusting God. With all that said....we're so excited for this next blessing and even more excited that s/he was created and will come in Gods perfect timing! No, we're not worried about how we're going to afford another baby. God will provide!! And yes....we are selfishly praying for a boy. Can you blame us???
The new year also brings on new challenges. If you know me well you know my best quality is defiantely not being organized. Thats with things or time or anything that needs organization. I used to be really good at putting on a front. My girls (at the time just Elisa and Ava.) would always be dressed to a T. Perfect clothes with perfect hair and perfectly matching bows. (this dates this time bc Elisa would still actually wear bows!) I looked like I had it all together but pa-leeease dont come knocking at my door bc our house looked like a tornado hit it. And that was pretty much all the time. I will say my kids looked much less put together when we go out now but my house (on a whole) looks a little better then back then. So where do my new challenges come in you ask? Get to the point...I know. With homeschooling and being pregnant and still nursing I am just wiped out! I have such little energy to get the basics done that anything considered a little extra seems unattainable. So anything above and beyond is going out the window.
We're starting with dance. Much to Ava's dissapointment we're giving up dance. This goes along with making better use of our time and being better stewards of our finances. While the studio that they take dance at isnt expensive in comparison to some, its costing us more than we're willing to pay anymore. Besides the monthly tuition the costumes for the recital we're going to cost $80 each!!!!! Thats for each girl. So we'd be spending $160 on costumes they would wear once for their recital and then play dress up in. In other words, those are some expensive dress up clothes. Elisa said she really didnt care about giving up dance (just another way God is working bc Ive been praying about all of this) but Ava didnt like the idea. All her little friends from preschool last year are in her dance class and she cant imagine not seeing them every week. Poor thing...she goes from seeing them 3 days a week last year (preschool and dance) to one day a week in the fall, and now none. She'll adapt....this is life.
Another thing we've already given up that helps in many areas of our life is we've given up our satelite TV. Actually TV in general bc we dont even have an antenna up to get local stations. Its been so nice. We talked about doing it at the end of summer but went ahead and kept the satelite but now we know we're not supposed to have it anymore. Besides the money we were wasting on it every month (Derek and I sat down maybe a couple hours a week to watch it), when we did watch it it was full of filth and such a time waster. When we originally decided to keep it we decided that we would record any shows we wanted to watch and then fast fwd through the commercials. (Prime time commercials can be just as bad as soap operas now!) So while we purposely watching the filth we were still seeing it in the commercials. We said the same for the cartoons the girls were watching. We were going to record them and FF through commercials so as to cut out all the "I wants!". Well we never ended up only watching recorded programming and relized that the TV really is just a waste of time. So instead we're reading more and spending more time as a family (as corny as that might seem). I know I know, seems kinda up TV and all. But hey its actually been a total blessing so far! Oh and now that I'm pregnant with #4 and people so rudely ask if we have a TV (theyll ask it for sure with 3 kids and a pregnant belly since they asked it with 2 kids and a prengnat belly) I can respond with a smile and laugh and honestly say no :) (well we own one but we dont watch it)
Well I think Ive rambled long enough now. I dont even feel like going back and proof reading before I post. So, if I dont make sense in areas, please forgive me. Im tired and pregnant and should be in bed :)
Happy New Year!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I have the BEST girls in the world!

Last night was a long night for Derek and me. Audrey screamed pretty much all night so we got little sleep. Mostly me, bc I am usually the one to deal with her since Derek has to get up and go to work in the morning. She finally relaxed enough by around 5 this morning to get into a deep sleep. Elisa and Ava woke up before Derek left for work at 7:15, so early. He told them to play quietly upstairs with the Littlest Pets so Audrey and mommy could get some sleep. My sweet girls were as quiet as can be so I could get some more shut eye until Audrey woke up for good. Around 8:30 I hear 2 sweet little voices come into my room and wake me up whispering "mom, mom we made you breakfast". My 2 sweet girls made me toast with honey and gave me an apple and a cookie (bc I like sweets they said) with a big glass of orange juice. What sweet girls I have. They were both very into serving each other and Audrey and me all day and I pointed out that they were having servants hearts like Jesus.
Audrey has been very whiney and not herself the past week. Last week she was sick but its like she still hasnt been back to normal since then. Shes been screaming and throwing a lot of fits, has been really clingy and hasnt been too into eating. Shes been chewing on her fingers like shes been teething but I hadnt noticed anything obvious popping up. Well tonight when I put her in the bath I stuck my finger in her mouth to see if she was getting her molars in and sure enough all 4 of them are coming. Poor thing! The top 2 have already poked through and the bottom 2 are just bulging. To top that off shes getting the tooth to the left of her bottom middle tooth. So the count for teeth coming in right now....FIVE! Yikes! Lets hope theyre all through before Monday night when we leave for Ohio. Otherwise thats going to be an even loooonnnggger 18 hour drive!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well here we are. Although Im not quite sure how a state can be "called" based on 12% of precincts reporting, but apparently they can. If BO, er I mean Barak Obama, does indeed win we have a loooonng 4 years ahead of us. As someone who goes completely against pretty much everything I believe this is a bit scary. Its not just the economy or taxes or anything like that. Its the fact that this man is PRO infanticide, PRO gay marriage, PRO socialism/marxism that scares me. With a democratic majority in every area of govt it seems we could easily lose hope. But maybe just maybe this will make us (that would be conservative Chrstians) even stronger. There wont be room for being luke warm anymore. Its either hot or cold. Take a stand for what you believe in.
Im actually astonished at the "Christians" voting for Obama. How can you vote for a man who votes in FAVOR of leaving helpless babies to die in closets after botched abortions and claim to follow Christ? Even many who claim to be pro choice think that is taking it too far. The Bible gives the life issue loud and clear. Life begins at conception. Not at week 10 not at week 32 but at the moment of conception. To take any life, even life created in incest or rape, is MURDER. Period. I wont back down on that view. Praise God He is forgiving and full of grace and mercy and more than willing to forgive these moms who make the choice to have abortions. But until they seek forgivness theyre guilty of murder. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but thats the truth.

In the past week Obama has decided to drop the middle class income cap down to $120k something, not $220k anymore. That means those that make that $100k that was between $120k and $220k will be considered upper class and guess what.....GET A TAX INCREASE! Are all you rich celebrities still lovin your man Obama? Hes gonna start taking LOTS AND LOTS of your money and spreading the wealth to all those lazy people who love to follow you!!!! I think its time the govt stops supporting lazy people and they start being forced to get up off their rumps and work! How about that for a change? ANd all those small business owners. Hes going to require they provide insurance for their employees. Do you know how expensive that is? Most of those businesses wont be able to make it anymore. Or how about Obama saying if you dont provide health insurance for you child they *the powers that be, the govt* will come in and take your children away from you along with fining you and if you still dont provide insurance youll be thrown in jail. Will we lose our right to bear arms? Or what about our right to homeschool and choose our own childs education? WOW, sounds like a promising future we have ahead of us.

Christmas outfit numero uno

Here is the first (well actually first complete) Christmas outfit I have made. I listed this on etsy so visit if youre interested! I think it turned out well. Pretty much how I envisioned it :) Shes a cute little model, although she didnt want to stand still while I tried to take pictures. Now that shes getting the hang of this walking thing theres no standing still to be heard of!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Audrey!

Today the baby of our family turned the big 1. I cant believe shes already a year old, my how time has flown this past year. Instead of having a big party we decided to take a trip to a local pumpkin patch with our friends Crystal, Danny and Exie. Crystal took some wonderful birthday pictures of Audrey and we had a great time!

Derek decided to wear his hat instead of doing his hair. Nice :)

Me and the girls. This was the closest to perfect we got. Audrey was done by this point.

My girls and Exie.

After the pumpkin patch we went to get ice cream. This was Audrey's first time eating ice cream. Lets hope she doesnt have the dairy intolerance Ava and I do! (she didnt eat all of that. She was sharing mine)

Here she is opening the present from Kiki (Crystal), Danny and Exie.

Look at her big smile, she loved her new toy.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Visit me on Etsy!

I just added more stuff to my Etsy site. Go check it out!
Like my new logo? Thank you Crystal for creating it for me!! Isnt she awesome!?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Just one more reason....

After reading this article ( I just feel an even stronger outrage for Obama. Its one thing to enforce a draft with the young men in our country, but dont tell me that my girls are included in a draft. God created men and women differently, with different roles. With different strengths and weaknesses. I dont care how hard the feminists kick and scream WE ARE NOT CREATED EQUALLY! I couldnt have built our house like my husband and father in law did. I cant go out and chop a tree down and cut up the wood for winter. I guess I can do these things, but I was not created to do these things. Just like my husband cant carry and birth a baby. He cant give our baby the very best nourishment through breastmilk like I can. He wasnt created for that!!! WE ARE CREATED DIFFERENT!!!!!! We were not created to do the same things and have the same strengths. To think that we may face a time in the near future when a President will stand up and tell me that my of age daughters are REQUIRED to sign up for a draft makes me so angry! Stupid feminists! I am so sick of them affecting my life! Thats fine if they want to spew their equality on their own children but dont force it on mine!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

He listens

On the topic of prayer I thought I would add 2 little stories. Unfortunately bc of whats going on right now we dont really want our girls playing outside without either one of us being right outside with them. (Our house is in the country and usually I can just let them play outside and peek on them every few mins and still feel safe). Anyways, the other day the situation arose where I needed the girls to come inside but I also didnt want it to look obvious I was making them come inside. So anyways I started thinking "what do I do? How do I make them come inside without it looking obvious that Im making them come inside right at that moment". I walked down the hallway and basically begged the Lord provide a way where I could get them inside without it looking like I was making them come inside (if that makes any sense at all, lol). So I walked back down the hall and as I made my way to the door that lead outside it started raining!!!!!!!!!!! I called the girls in really quick bc of course it was raining and they couldnt play outside in the rain! LOL It was sooooo awesome to see God move so obviously so quickly!!!!! He took care of the situation within seconds of asking! So I ask myself....why dont I do that desperate prayer more often!? Hes always so faithful.
My second prayer story happened yesterday. Audrey hasnt been too bad about putting stuff in her mouth (not like Ava was anyways) so I dont always worry about her choking. Well the girls have this bingo game that has little place keeper things (like that descrition?!? lol) that are about the size of a penny. I had just picked that game up and put it out of the way. Well I was on the phone and doing dishes while the girls were playing in the living room. I hear the girls scream "mom Audrey is choking on something!" so I run in the living room. Audrey is on the first landing of the stairs with something obviously lodged in her throat. She can breathe but something is stuck. My first instict is to stick my finger in there and fish it out. But realizing its in her throat not her mouth I knew that wouldnt work. Her little eyes are watering and shes trying to cough. Now the only thing going through my mind is the 2 awful times Ava swallowed a penny and had to have them surgically removed. What an ordeal those times where! So I call my mother in law to see if shes home. Shes a nurse and I know she can do the himlick (sp??). SHes not home. Then is dawns on me, eventhough I had been thinking Oh Lord what do I do, I realized I needed to pray. I hadnt even prayed yet. So I pray for God to give me direction in what to do and get this thing out! As soon as I finished my prayer/thoughts (it happened very quickly and paniky, lol) Audrey threw up all over the floor! Out game a little yellow place keeper for the older girls bingo game. Once again, the Lord showed me his faithfulness. After reassuring Elisa and Ava she was ok and it wasnt their faults (they were feeling so bad since it was their game) I thought...why one earth was it not my very first response to take a breath and pray?! Why am I not programmed to instinctly do that!!? Im getting there....Im much better at it then I used to be, but look how quickly GOd took care of the situation. It was just so awesome! Poor little Audrey was scared though but after a little cuddling and some mommies milk she was good to go!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fun Foto Friday!

Excuse the corny title....I couldn't resist ;) I had some pictures I wanted to post and they all didnt fall into the same category or event, so I thought I'd just smush them all together into a Friday post with pics!
We went to zoo yesterday for homeschool day. We all had a great time and got to know some other people from our homeschool group a little better. And since we were going to they all had to wear their zebra outfits :)

Here are some other random pictures.

We all look a bit rough in this picture but oh well.

We had a tea party at Mimi's house. We all dressed up in old dresses, and Elisa and Ava in hats, and had "tea" (actually it was passion fruit juice) and buscuits (cookies and oyster crackers). We even dressed up Audrey but this was my cameras final day working for us, so I didnt get a picture of Audrey dressed up before the camera decided to stop working.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New outfits!

Yesterday I finally started and completed an outfit I had been promising Elisa. She just loves zebra print and hot pink right now, so this is just perfect for her! She would blend in perfectly with her bedroom, lol. When it (finally) gets cooler we'll place black leggings under the skirt and black long sleeve shirt under the top....and add some pink cute will that be?!!? I made a matching bow, but of course she wouldnt wear it. What was I thinking, lol

Here is Audreys new outfit. I think this is one of my favorites by far. It coordinates with the dress I made Ava last week. Im in the process of making Elisa a matching tunic shirt to match with them as well. I saw the brown material and fell in love :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'll pray for you

I was talking to Derek the other night about that common phrase. "I'll pray for you", how often we say it and just go on with life never giving another thought to the issue of which we told the person we'd be praying for them. One day it hit me, how many times have I told someone I'd pray for them, and then never done it? I wasnt lieing, at the time I had full intention of praying for their issue, but life gets in the way and I would just forget. The Lord began to show me how Ive done this so many times and how my words need to hold more value then I was giving them. Its so important to the person asking for prayer that people are actually praying for them, so why do we (sometimes) give so little thought to speaking that phrase and then never giving their prayer request another thought??
I *mostly lurk* on some yahoo loops and other forums and daily there are threads asking for prayer on issues. Ive gotten in the habit now of not even opening the thread and reading it if I dont have full intention of stopping what Im doing right at that moment and taking the time to present my prayers before the Lord on behalf of that person. Its so nice knowing that I am not reading their prayer request in vain without any intention of praying for them. When the saints cry out to God it changes things. Our prayers are so powerful and we so often just loosly say "I'll pray for you" with no intentions of doing it.
So I guess I often do you tell someone you'll pray for them and then forget to present the request before the Lord on behalf of that person?

Friday, September 19, 2008

She speaks

Its finally the end of the week...yay! I love Fridays bc I have the excitement of having Derek home with us for the next 2 days. The girls love Fridays too, for the same reason. Its nice knowing I have the next 2 days of "help" and Derek has been taking the girls outside to play on Saturday mornings and letting me have some uninterupted time to read or sew (my new favorite pasttime).

Audrey said her 4th word. Yes, I know shes not even 11 months and already talking? If I didnt hear it myself I wouldnt believe it either. But its true. Her first word was hi. She said that very very young. If I told you how young, you wouldnt believe that either, lol. But we (read: our family) werent the only ones who heard her say that. Then she learned new skills and stopped saying that and moved onto new things. Next came dada. At first, like most babies, it wasnt just referring to Derek but instead just babbling. But now she says it towards him. If she sees him pull up through the window she gets really excited and says DADA! while bouncing herself up and down. (Shes our biggest daddies girls by far). Next came bye. She started saying that within the past few weeks. Of course she wont always do it on command (ever notice how babies wont perform) but she says it at the appropriate times. And last, and most excitingly she says Uh-Oh. Its soooo cute!! We thought she was saying that earlier in the week but I just dismissed it but then yesterday while we were out she dropped and toy from the basket and Elisa said Uh-oh and picked it up. The next thing we heard was Audrey saying UH-OH, as clear as day. So cute! So we kept saying it over and over just to make sure thats what she was really saying....and it was. A lady walked by and heard her and commented on how cute it was, so that confirmed it wasnt just us trying to hear something that wasnt there. Since then shes been saying it constantly and at the right times. I cant believe how much shes "talking". Our earliest by far. We were at Chick-fil-a after our homeschool co-op today and Audrey dropped a ketchup packet and said Uh-Oh and Ava (who was sitting by her) said "Good job Audrey! Now can you says ketchup?!" Me and Elisa just laughed and laughed!! Funny little Ava.

Ive also done a little more sewing lately. So, of course I have to post pictures. :) Unfortunately I think Ive let it get the best of me and my housework has started to suffer. So, I really shouldnt be online blogging but instead cleaning. I'll get right on soon as this is posted.

Ava in a dress with leggings.

Looks like shes praising the Lord, hehe.

This was originally suppossed to be her birthday outfit, but I left the ruffles too long so I just kept it as a Fall dress. I want some little pumpkin robeez (actually knockoffs) to go with it. How cute would that be?!?!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Ok moms.....Im not sure who or how many people read my blog but I need some input. I'm thinking of starting a home business of selling bows and outfits, (like ones I've posted). SO here is where your input comes in. As a mom, or aunt or friend of a little girl.... would you purchase bows or cute custom outfits online or at booths (such as at craft fairs or flea markets) for the little one in your life?? Just leave a comment to let me know :)THANKS

Sunday, September 14, 2008

God is good!

The weekend is almost over and tomorrow will be the start to our 3rd week of school. I still need to do my weekly research and preparations but instead I sit here and blog. :) I finished a fall dress for Audrey (I'll post pics later when I can borrow my mother in laws camera again. Ours is still broke) today. Originally it was going to be a top for her birthday outfit but I left the ruffles too long. So, I just kept it as a dress. I was definately not going for Halloween (bc we dont really celebrate that) look so Im hoping it looks Fallish enough. I had wanted a orange and brown look but the material I found was a black background and so I went with that. Its cute though and Im sure she'll get lots of use out of it. I still need to make her a bow to match.
We have been praying for months now to find the place (read: church) where God wants us and where we can grow in our relationship with Him and with other believers. Today we tried out a church in Greenville for the second time. The first time we went we really liked it. A lady from our homeschool group told us about it. There are like 12 (or so) homeschooling families there, including the pastors family, so thats exciting for us. Its so great to find a church were there are lots of other families with the same views on education and spiritual training as us! The girls will also be able to get to know other kids from the homeschool group by going to church there. The praise band is GREAT (and by the looks of it have the same "style" as Derek) and the elder that spoke today was really really great too. His message was right in line with what Ive been feeling and thinking of lately. He refered to *probably my favorite* verse, Matthew 6:25-34.

25"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? 26Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life[b]?
28"And why do you worry about clothes? See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. 29Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. 30If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith? 31So do not worry, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' 32For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. 33But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 34Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Anyways, it was a really great message. Another thing we love about this church is all the younger families!!! It is soooooooooo awesome to have found a place with other couples our age who have kids...and lots of them!!! What a blessing it will be to get to know the families there and devolope friendships with people who are after Gods own heart! We are very excited God led us there. Thank you Lord! He is so good!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Employee of the month

I just had to say how proud I am of my hubby! He was awarded Employee of the Month today. He was chosen from everyone in the entire company! YAY Derek! Guess his hard work last month, with the company in Dublin, paid off.

Days of Creation

Our first week of school we reviewed the days of creation. We read Genesis 1 and then each girl drew a picture of what happened on each day. Today they finished their project by glueing them on a posterboard to display. They both did very well and got creative in their drawing. Elisa has always been a great artist but this project showed us just how well Ava can draw now too. They were both really proud of themselves. (And so are we).

Ava was our little Vanna (sp?) White. It looks like shes wearing a wig bc I had just taken her hair out of a ponytail.

This is Elisa's project

Ava's project