Thursday, November 20, 2008

I have the BEST girls in the world!

Last night was a long night for Derek and me. Audrey screamed pretty much all night so we got little sleep. Mostly me, bc I am usually the one to deal with her since Derek has to get up and go to work in the morning. She finally relaxed enough by around 5 this morning to get into a deep sleep. Elisa and Ava woke up before Derek left for work at 7:15, so early. He told them to play quietly upstairs with the Littlest Pets so Audrey and mommy could get some sleep. My sweet girls were as quiet as can be so I could get some more shut eye until Audrey woke up for good. Around 8:30 I hear 2 sweet little voices come into my room and wake me up whispering "mom, mom we made you breakfast". My 2 sweet girls made me toast with honey and gave me an apple and a cookie (bc I like sweets they said) with a big glass of orange juice. What sweet girls I have. They were both very into serving each other and Audrey and me all day and I pointed out that they were having servants hearts like Jesus.
Audrey has been very whiney and not herself the past week. Last week she was sick but its like she still hasnt been back to normal since then. Shes been screaming and throwing a lot of fits, has been really clingy and hasnt been too into eating. Shes been chewing on her fingers like shes been teething but I hadnt noticed anything obvious popping up. Well tonight when I put her in the bath I stuck my finger in her mouth to see if she was getting her molars in and sure enough all 4 of them are coming. Poor thing! The top 2 have already poked through and the bottom 2 are just bulging. To top that off shes getting the tooth to the left of her bottom middle tooth. So the count for teeth coming in right now....FIVE! Yikes! Lets hope theyre all through before Monday night when we leave for Ohio. Otherwise thats going to be an even loooonnnggger 18 hour drive!


Kristina said...

poor audrey =( i'm so sorry that she's got all those teeth coming in right now. and your big girls... that was so sweet. sooo sweet!

Denise said...

What sweet girls!! Poor Audrey! I bet those teeth are not fun at all.We have been teething too.. Macy is getting her bottom two front ones.. Have fun on your trip and be careful! We will miss not seeing you Thanksgiving!