Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well here we are. Although Im not quite sure how a state can be "called" based on 12% of precincts reporting, but apparently they can. If BO, er I mean Barak Obama, does indeed win we have a loooonng 4 years ahead of us. As someone who goes completely against pretty much everything I believe this is a bit scary. Its not just the economy or taxes or anything like that. Its the fact that this man is PRO infanticide, PRO gay marriage, PRO socialism/marxism that scares me. With a democratic majority in every area of govt it seems we could easily lose hope. But maybe just maybe this will make us (that would be conservative Chrstians) even stronger. There wont be room for being luke warm anymore. Its either hot or cold. Take a stand for what you believe in.
Im actually astonished at the "Christians" voting for Obama. How can you vote for a man who votes in FAVOR of leaving helpless babies to die in closets after botched abortions and claim to follow Christ? Even many who claim to be pro choice think that is taking it too far. The Bible gives the life issue loud and clear. Life begins at conception. Not at week 10 not at week 32 but at the moment of conception. To take any life, even life created in incest or rape, is MURDER. Period. I wont back down on that view. Praise God He is forgiving and full of grace and mercy and more than willing to forgive these moms who make the choice to have abortions. But until they seek forgivness theyre guilty of murder. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but thats the truth.

In the past week Obama has decided to drop the middle class income cap down to $120k something, not $220k anymore. That means those that make that $100k that was between $120k and $220k will be considered upper class and guess what.....GET A TAX INCREASE! Are all you rich celebrities still lovin your man Obama? Hes gonna start taking LOTS AND LOTS of your money and spreading the wealth to all those lazy people who love to follow you!!!! I think its time the govt stops supporting lazy people and they start being forced to get up off their rumps and work! How about that for a change? ANd all those small business owners. Hes going to require they provide insurance for their employees. Do you know how expensive that is? Most of those businesses wont be able to make it anymore. Or how about Obama saying if you dont provide health insurance for you child they *the powers that be, the govt* will come in and take your children away from you along with fining you and if you still dont provide insurance youll be thrown in jail. Will we lose our right to bear arms? Or what about our right to homeschool and choose our own childs education? WOW, sounds like a promising future we have ahead of us.

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