Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes...

My friend Peggy reminded me that I needed to be making a written record of all the cute things my kids are saying, or doing, these days. We'll be able to look back and have a good laugh when they're older. For now, I usually just put them as my Facebook status updates. Here are a few from the past week or so....

this morning: Audrey was sneaking a piece of candy. When I saw what she had done she looked at me, gasped and turned her face the other direction,lol. Then I said 'Audrey did you get a piece of candy? You have to ask mommy first' she turned back to me and with candy drool pouring out she said 'mommy i ha pee cany pee?' who could resist that request?!


Yesterday: since I cant laugh about this outloud, I'm putting it on here. :) Audrey was upset I wasnt letting her do something so she said "youre mean mom!" (something shes heard her sisters say to each other, as much as try not to let that happen) and I looked at her and said Audrey... ready to scold her and she scrunched her ey...es and said "no! no!" knowing that is what was about to come out of my mouth.


Dec 30th: Audrey: Mommy, Bubby tuck. Me: Huh? Audrey: Bubby tuck!! I turn around to see Owen has gotten himself stuck under the dining table.

Earlier that day: Me: Girls what is Owen playing with? Girls: Jesus

Dec 22nd: Whew! back from finishing Christmas shopping with all 4 kids! They were all great, the 2 year old being the best. Go figure. We saw (from the food court above) Santa and Audrey was all into seeing him but when we walked past him downstairs she freaked out and covered her eyes saying "I cared! (scared)" good thing we ha...d no plans to actually pay money and visit him, lol.

  Ok, so this one isnt out of the mouth of a babe, (well a baby at least, I call him a babe, LOL), but here is one about Derek...

Dec 4th: I think Derek has lost track of time. Earlier he said 'If I fell off your parents roof I would be fine. Im a skateboarder.' First off...my parents live in a very tall 2 story house. Secondly, I reminded him 'yeah, you were a skateboarder....LIKE 10 YEARS AGO!!!!' bwahahahahaha! What a hard dose of reality, realizing youre getting old!

OMGOSH! Just walked into my bedroom to find that Audrey had climbed into Owens crib where he was playing. Didnt know she was capable of that....yikes!