Friday, February 12, 2010

Record breaking Winter wonderland!

Did you expect this post? 
If you're in the Dallas area you could pretty much assume that I would have to blog about our record breaking snow fall, right?

The Weather Channel reported that the DFW area got over 12 inches of snow!!! Breaking all records in the past 111 years that records have been being kept for the weather. 
So cool!! 
Yesterday when the girls woke up to the winter wonderland outside they were dressed and playing outside before 8 am!
When I went upstairs I found them all sitting on the window seat in their room staring out the window at the beauty!
Audrey said 'look mommy! Ice!' 
I said 'ice? oh you mean snow. Thats snow, Audrey!'
Audrey 'Oh, snow!!' 

Here are the pictures from first thing in the morning.

Then, when Grandma and Grandpa got home they went down there and built a snowman with them!


After all the fun from yesterday we woke up to MORE snow having fallen!


As we're looking outside and watching it all start to melt away, we're trying to remember to soak all this in because there's a good chance....this will never happen again in any of our lifetimes.  

And-because I just can't resist- I wonder how Obama feels right about now about that whole Global Warming theory...stuck inside the White House with over 3 feet of record breaking snow fall there in DC. Ha!