Thursday, June 25, 2009

Apparently I'm a slacker mom as well....

This is what happens when you're a slacker mom and you're busy blogging. Your 4 yr old asks if she can heat her pizza up in the microwave and you say "yeah sure" not really listening to the question. The next thing you know you smell smoke and turn to see the kitchen filled with smoke pouring out of the microwave.

Label me a slacker blogger

Well apparently its been 2 days shy of month since I last posted on here.
Yes, I know.
I guess Ive been busy. Its been quite a month. Ive entered my last month of pregnancy (woohoo!), lost one of the closest relatives in my life and have been trying to let the girls enjoy as much summer activity as possible before Owen makes his appearance.
On June 2nd my closest aunt went to be with Jesus. She had suffered over a year with the return of breast cancer and we were really relieved that she was finally healed and in the presence of the Lord. And shes getting to be with her mom and dad who both died within the past 6 years. But at the same time so sad that we were losing her here on earth. She left behind her hubby of 34 years and my 2 precious cousins, Megan and Mandy, who are 24 and 22. Much too young to lose their mom.
I'm currently 37 weeks pregnant. In the end stretch!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! I cant wait to finally get to meet little Owen!! The big girls are super excited to be getting another baby and baby brother!!!! And Audrey knows that my big tummy has a baby in it. Although, let be honest....shes in for a surprise here in the next few weeks. Poor thing. Fortunately shes fascinated with babies so thats a plus.
My Dr yesterday confirmed what I already figured to be true. Owen will be big. He said he already has a big head and is probably around 7 lbs currently. So, by 40 weeks we're looking around 9 lbs. Which is what we expected. So now Im praying he'll come before the 40 week mark so I have a greater chance of a successful VBA3C. The biggest hindrance in my case is how small my frame is and how big my babies are. So Im just trying to remind myself that the Lord doesn't make mistakes and He wouldn't create a baby in me that I can't birth the way He intended.
Since life will dramatically change in the next few weeks (with a newborn, 20 month old, *almost* 5 yr old and *almost* 8 yr old) Ive been trying to let the girls do as much as possible. I know once Owen gets here I wont be able to get out and about as much by myself with a newborn and busy 20 month old. My big girls are such HUGE helps but I still am thinking it will be difficult. I know in time I'll get the hang of it but probably not before the end of summer, lol. Just thinking realistically here!
So, here are some pics to show what we've been up to in the past month.....

Here is the crib bumper and sheet I made for Owen's crib. I just need to finish the crib skirt and it will be complete!

A few weeks ago we attended a family reunion at a local lake for Dereks side of the family. Here are the girls, in one of the cabins, with their brand new cousin Lane!!! Audrey just kept petting his little head saying baby baby.

Nothing special about this picture except the subject ;)

Some clowns from the Ringling Bros circus made an appearance at our local library to promote the reading program. The girls have to read 5 books and they'll earn free tickets to the circus!

Watching the clowns with their friends Colin (cant see him) and Ellie, next to Ava (who has the clown nose on).

Summer fun swimming at Mimi and Papa's house.

Cousins in town from Thailand. Always special when they're in town!

Cousin Jayla, so cute!

Audrey and Jayla playing in the baby pool. They look the same age but theyre 5 1/2 months apart, lol. Audrey is just still so little. And obviously bald babies run in my side of the family!!

Elisa and the girls friend Katie having fun swimming!