Thursday, August 27, 2009

He's a hoss!

Owen had his 4 week check up today. This is the first time we've ever been to a 4 week check up. Normally its 2 weeks and then 2 months...from what I remember at least, lol. We also did Elisa's 8 year check up. I think it was pretty much pointless but since we're going to a new pediatrician I went ahead and set up a well check with Owen's so she would be considered an "established" patient next time I need a sick visit. I hated switching Pedi's since we had been at our old one for so long and they had literally watched the girls grow up but since we made the decision to stop vaccinating and they didn't agree or respect that decision it was time for a change. I found a non-vaxing or delayed vaxing friendly Dr (these are VERY hard to find) about an hour and 15 mins away. She also will treat naturally first before jumping to prescribe antibiotics or other meds. Since we live out of town thats a drive but we have to drive everywhere we need to get so its not too bad. Today we saw the nurse practitioner and I actually liked her better than the actual Dr. So, I wont mind seeing either one of them which is a good thing since its pretty hard to get an appt at this place. (But still worth it since she lets you make your own decision on your childs health without making you feel guilty if you choose something thats might not be the "norm")
Enough about the Dr aren't you dying to know Owen's stats??! ;) hehe Well our big boy just keeps getting bigger! LOL He weighed in at a whopping 12 lbs 4 oz and 23 inches. So, hes gained just 5 ounces shy of 2 lbs and grown an a month! Actually hes gained 2 full lbs since they lose some weight after birth, which he did. Hes in the 98% for weight and the 92% for height. But, if you've known any of our other ones as babies you know we make fat babies. I guess I should say my milk grows fat babies, lol. Our old pedi once said to me (when I was nursing Audrey) "Man Lindsay you dont make milk you make cream! You could nourish an entire 3rd world country!" LOL I thought that was pretty funny!
Whats funny about having such fat babies is around 2 or so they start to thin right out and become a normal weight kid. Elisa didnt pull such big numbers. But...we knew she wouldnt. Shes pretty little for her age. She came in at 2% for height. Apparently shes gets to be short like me...and my mom, lol. We keep telling her shes gonna be just like us and to be prepared for Ava to be taller. Which we're pretty sure is gonna happen. On the other hand, I think Audrey may be even littler than Elisa!
So, there ya have it. The big (har har) news about Owen at 1 month.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My beautiful children

My good friend Lauren at took these pictures of the kids at the Dallas Arboretum 2 weeks ago. Its taken me this long to post them! I'm so thrilled with how they turned out! The kids did awesome despite a little bit of fake smiles by the oldest 2, lol.

Notice what happened in this next picture.......

Owen pee'd! All over me and on poor Audreys head! She wasnt too thrilled.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

We have smiles!

Here is Owen smiling. He started smiling last Friday at 2 weeks old. Yes, I know thats really early but let me reassure you...this is my 4th baby and I know the difference between a gas smile and a real smile. ;) Although this isnt the best picture its the only one Ive been able to capture so far. Everytime Mr Man smiles and I pull the camera out from hiding to snap it he stops and is too distracted by the red light to continue smiling at me. Now whenever he wakes up from sleeping as soon as he sees me smiling and looking at him he just starts grinning away! Its so sweet! I love this little guy!
So, for now, here is the picture of Owen smiling :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

2 weeks old!

Ready for a picture overload?!?!

Owen is now 2 weeks old and I realized I havent updated this blog with pictures since his birth! Im sorry to those friends and family who arent on Facebook bc I always forget to update this bc I figure most people have already seen the pics over there. (on FB) I'll try and get better so yall can keep up with the goings ons in our lives better!
Owen is such a great baby! Rarely cries and sleeps wonderfully! Hes only waking once a night to eat. While I would never recommend letting an infant sleep that long to someone whos trying to breastfeed, bc it can affect your supply, I figure since I was so still so recently nursing Audrey my milk is still pretty much established. And...letting him sleep hasnt affected my supply so yippee! I get sleep! :) Hes also a very alert little guy. When hes awake hes just looking around or focusing on whoever is holding him.
I think one of the most asked questions is Audrey doing? Audrey is doing really well actually. Shes handling not being the baby anymore great. She hasnt shown jealousy towards the baby and loves being close to him.
Elisa and Ava are HUGE helps. Honestly, I dont know how I would manage having babies 21 months apart if I didnt have my 2 big girls to help. They'll grab me diapers and wipes when I need them or hold the baby when I need to run potty and hes fussing. They never complain about being helpers and are always ready to help with happy attitudes. (well when it comes to helping with baby stuff at least! lol)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Owen Matthew has arrived!

Well Owen has finally made his entrance into the world!! Heres a birth story to let you know how everything went. Hopefully this isnt too long and full of too many details. I'll try and limit the TMI. :)

I went in Thursday morning at 42 weeks to have a low dose induction so I could have a VBA3C. I was started on a very low dose of pitocin, which wasnt how I had planned on going into labor. But given that I was 42 weeks and nothing was happening we just all felt it was the best option. My other option would have been a repeat c/s which I did not want.
I started out dilated to about a 1, but this was with the Dr forcing that. Baby was about a +3 station and I was about 50% effaced. Not the greatest news being 42 weeks but oh well. I labored on the Pit for 11 hours before the Dr checked me again. He wanted to give me all the time he could to make some progress. The nurse I had was AWESOME and they honored my birth plan as much as was possible considering it was starting out not being the natural labor I had hoped for. I changed positions as much as possible to help things along and stay comfortable.

After 11 hours the Dr came back and checked me. I had made absolutely no progress after contractions that were 3-4 mins apart. NONE. I had wondered why my internal checks were always so uncomfortable (well theyre NEVER comfortable) and it seemed he had to go really far up to check my cervix but just thought thats how it was supposed to be. At this point he sat down with my hubby, me and my mom (who made it up there just in time to help us make the decision). I didnt have our doula with us at this time bc I kept waiting to see how I was making progress before having her come sit and wait it out with us when nothing was really happening even though she kept reminding me it was her job. I still felt like it could be a waste of time. So he gave me 3 options along with reminding me he was a patient man and we'd do whatever I wanted to.

Option 1) go ahead and do a c/s bc of the lack of progress through 11 hours of laboring on the Pit and being 42 weeks pregnant.
Option 2) break my water (at only 1 centimeter) and see if that helped anything along
Option 3) go home, wait a few more days and see if anything happened.

At first he didnt give his opinion, he wanted us to make our own decision but after much hounding he gave in. He said Ive labored a long time and made no progress, which is not what we wanted and not a good thing considering I was 42 weeks. He then said that I have a tilted uterus and the babies head was on the wrong side of my pelvic bone, which is why his head wasnt engaging and helping to open me up. He was hoping that labor might reposition things. He also said thats why it was so hard and painful to reach my cervix. With the option of breaking my water he could then push his head up and over my pelvic bone and into the birth canal but there was no guarantee it would stay that way. And we could be back in the same spot 5 hours from now after more labor. He also said he felt nothing prompting his spirit to continue on with this VBAC, as much as we and he wanted it to be successful. We really trusted his opinion bc of his strong faith and the fact he reminded us often that he prays for wisdom and guidance in these births. So, as much as I wanted to VBAC we decided in the end a repeat c-section was the best option. Now I know this is exactly what happened with Elisa as well. Why that Dr never figured out the problem I dont know. Although my Dr didnt tell us before this time I think he knew since he checked me at 39 weeks and was just hoping that the end of pregnancy it would move into the proper position. I appreciated the fact that he allowed me to labor to see if that made it get into position without just discouraging trying and sending us straight to the OR.
So, with that decision made we were prepped and ready for a c/s within abut 45 mins. I was very nervous about the surgery even though I had already been through it 3 previous times. I felt nauseous while they were giving me the spinal so he put some Zophran (sp?) into my IV. That helped. Then during the surgery there was a certain point in my belly where I could feel what was going on. It wasnt awful pain but it wasnt only tugging, pushing and pulling like it should have been either. So, he gave me some medicine through a gas mask to make me sleepy but not asleep. I did not like this feeling at all and did not want to be out when Owen was finally here. I remember fighting falling asleep and the loss of control. I was holding Dereks hand and I remember my hand going limp in his and thinking Please Lord dont let me fall asleep Im afraid I wont wake up. Of course that wasnt true but for some reason at the time with the loss of control I was having the thought was there. I remember the anesthesiologist saying "Lindsay are you ok? Lindsay?" I finally managed to wiggle the mask off my face, lol. Derek told me afterwards that when all that was happening he was kinda scared as well.
Finally Owen was born, at 8:10 pm, to which everyone commented "Omgosh Hes huge". This was the exact same things I heard when Elisa was born. The anesthesiologist also informed me had had kidney function bc by the time he was taken from me to the warmer he had already sprayed 2 nurses :)
Derek went to the nursery with him to make sure they followed our wishes on no eye ointment and no Hep B shot and of course no bottles. Well, he also went to be there with Owen ;) The nurses in the OR couldnt resist anymore and called the nursery to check his stats.
10 lbs 9 oz
21 3/4 in long
15.5 in chest and
14.5 in head.
He was a big boy!
They finished closing me up and wheeled me to recovery. I was told I had to stay there for an hour but as long as baby was doing fine and maintaining his temp they would bring him in to nurse. Once in recovery they began the Pit to help shrink my uterus back. I was so glad that Hannah, my doula, was there with me in recovery while Derek was with Owen. All of a sudden my heart started racing and pounding. I told the nurse and she agreed that my heart rate was fast. It was normally in the 90s and was currently between about 145-160 and wouldnt slow down. She told me to take deep breaths and relax so I tried. BUt that didnt work. They brought Owen in and she thought sitting up and nursing him would help me to calm down and slow my heart rate. As she sat me up I was getting light headed and told her I wouldnt be able to hold him (for fear of dropping him bc I felt weak). So, she layed me back down. They called my Dr in and he looked concerned watching the monitor and my heart rate not going down. He told them to turn down the Pit and then asked if I had seen my baby yet? THey told him what had happened and he said well lay the baby next to her and let her feed him, she needs to nurse her baby that will help her relax. (Can I just say what a great Dr!) So thats what they did. It did help my heart rate to drop the 140s and 130s consistently until the Pit was stopped.
Owen latched on and nursed like a pro. Considering his size Im sure he was already hungry, lol.
We finally got to go back to our room and introduce the girls to their new brother. They fell in love and were so excited he was finally here! Even Audrey was super excited about "baby brober."
The nursing staff at this hospital was awesome. They let me have jello and juice right after surgery, every other time Ive had to wait until the next day. That in itself made me feel so much better since i hadnt eaten since about 6 am.
Owen has continued to want to nurse constantly but Im ok with that bc hes a big boy and I know the more hes nursing the quicker my milk is going to come in and then he'll be satisfied! The discharged us and let us go home less than 48 hours after the surgery, which was awesome.
Even though I had all my ideals going into this labor and birth and really nothing went as planned Im so grateful that the Lord brought me to a Dr who allowed me to try as hard as I did for this VBA3C. He let me go to 42 week and let me have a trial of labor which most Drs wouldnt dream of doing esp if they thought I'd still end up with a c/s in the end. Im disappointed but Im at peace with it all, just like I prayed I would be if it didnt go "my way". I must also admit being somewhat small framed, 5'1 and about 110 lbs pre-preggo, the thought of a 10.5 lb baby with a 15.5 inch chest coming vaginally makes me wonder how much damage I would have suffered. Also, the nurses made the comment he would have probably had shoulder dystcia bc of his size. Whether or not thats true, the thought that he could have is scary!
In the end we're home with a big (literally) beautiful baby boy blessing all to the glory of God!!!!