Friday, August 14, 2009

2 weeks old!

Ready for a picture overload?!?!

Owen is now 2 weeks old and I realized I havent updated this blog with pictures since his birth! Im sorry to those friends and family who arent on Facebook bc I always forget to update this bc I figure most people have already seen the pics over there. (on FB) I'll try and get better so yall can keep up with the goings ons in our lives better!
Owen is such a great baby! Rarely cries and sleeps wonderfully! Hes only waking once a night to eat. While I would never recommend letting an infant sleep that long to someone whos trying to breastfeed, bc it can affect your supply, I figure since I was so still so recently nursing Audrey my milk is still pretty much established. And...letting him sleep hasnt affected my supply so yippee! I get sleep! :) Hes also a very alert little guy. When hes awake hes just looking around or focusing on whoever is holding him.
I think one of the most asked questions is Audrey doing? Audrey is doing really well actually. Shes handling not being the baby anymore great. She hasnt shown jealousy towards the baby and loves being close to him.
Elisa and Ava are HUGE helps. Honestly, I dont know how I would manage having babies 21 months apart if I didnt have my 2 big girls to help. They'll grab me diapers and wipes when I need them or hold the baby when I need to run potty and hes fussing. They never complain about being helpers and are always ready to help with happy attitudes. (well when it comes to helping with baby stuff at least! lol)


Joy Howse said...

He is just so darn adorable. Love the mommy shirt and the pic with the name blocks and his little bum in the air is my favorite! Glad to hear that he is such a good baby, that makes for a happy mom. I always tell people that if they are going to have a baby they need to have an older sibling, or adopt one if you don't already have one. The girls look like they love him very much. Very sweet family. Hope you are holding up and recovering quickly. You have been in my prayers.

T said...

Thanks for updating this page. I have been checking every couple of days for a new picture of little Owen. Glad the girls are such big helpers! Love ya!!

Megan said...

What a beautfiul baby boy!