Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Audrey!

Today the baby of our family turned the big 1. I cant believe shes already a year old, my how time has flown this past year. Instead of having a big party we decided to take a trip to a local pumpkin patch with our friends Crystal, Danny and Exie. Crystal took some wonderful birthday pictures of Audrey and we had a great time!

Derek decided to wear his hat instead of doing his hair. Nice :)

Me and the girls. This was the closest to perfect we got. Audrey was done by this point.

My girls and Exie.

After the pumpkin patch we went to get ice cream. This was Audrey's first time eating ice cream. Lets hope she doesnt have the dairy intolerance Ava and I do! (she didnt eat all of that. She was sharing mine)

Here she is opening the present from Kiki (Crystal), Danny and Exie.

Look at her big smile, she loved her new toy.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Visit me on Etsy!

I just added more stuff to my Etsy site. Go check it out!
Like my new logo? Thank you Crystal for creating it for me!! Isnt she awesome!?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Just one more reason....

After reading this article ( I just feel an even stronger outrage for Obama. Its one thing to enforce a draft with the young men in our country, but dont tell me that my girls are included in a draft. God created men and women differently, with different roles. With different strengths and weaknesses. I dont care how hard the feminists kick and scream WE ARE NOT CREATED EQUALLY! I couldnt have built our house like my husband and father in law did. I cant go out and chop a tree down and cut up the wood for winter. I guess I can do these things, but I was not created to do these things. Just like my husband cant carry and birth a baby. He cant give our baby the very best nourishment through breastmilk like I can. He wasnt created for that!!! WE ARE CREATED DIFFERENT!!!!!! We were not created to do the same things and have the same strengths. To think that we may face a time in the near future when a President will stand up and tell me that my of age daughters are REQUIRED to sign up for a draft makes me so angry! Stupid feminists! I am so sick of them affecting my life! Thats fine if they want to spew their equality on their own children but dont force it on mine!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

He listens

On the topic of prayer I thought I would add 2 little stories. Unfortunately bc of whats going on right now we dont really want our girls playing outside without either one of us being right outside with them. (Our house is in the country and usually I can just let them play outside and peek on them every few mins and still feel safe). Anyways, the other day the situation arose where I needed the girls to come inside but I also didnt want it to look obvious I was making them come inside. So anyways I started thinking "what do I do? How do I make them come inside without it looking obvious that Im making them come inside right at that moment". I walked down the hallway and basically begged the Lord provide a way where I could get them inside without it looking like I was making them come inside (if that makes any sense at all, lol). So I walked back down the hall and as I made my way to the door that lead outside it started raining!!!!!!!!!!! I called the girls in really quick bc of course it was raining and they couldnt play outside in the rain! LOL It was sooooo awesome to see God move so obviously so quickly!!!!! He took care of the situation within seconds of asking! So I ask myself....why dont I do that desperate prayer more often!? Hes always so faithful.
My second prayer story happened yesterday. Audrey hasnt been too bad about putting stuff in her mouth (not like Ava was anyways) so I dont always worry about her choking. Well the girls have this bingo game that has little place keeper things (like that descrition?!? lol) that are about the size of a penny. I had just picked that game up and put it out of the way. Well I was on the phone and doing dishes while the girls were playing in the living room. I hear the girls scream "mom Audrey is choking on something!" so I run in the living room. Audrey is on the first landing of the stairs with something obviously lodged in her throat. She can breathe but something is stuck. My first instict is to stick my finger in there and fish it out. But realizing its in her throat not her mouth I knew that wouldnt work. Her little eyes are watering and shes trying to cough. Now the only thing going through my mind is the 2 awful times Ava swallowed a penny and had to have them surgically removed. What an ordeal those times where! So I call my mother in law to see if shes home. Shes a nurse and I know she can do the himlick (sp??). SHes not home. Then is dawns on me, eventhough I had been thinking Oh Lord what do I do, I realized I needed to pray. I hadnt even prayed yet. So I pray for God to give me direction in what to do and get this thing out! As soon as I finished my prayer/thoughts (it happened very quickly and paniky, lol) Audrey threw up all over the floor! Out game a little yellow place keeper for the older girls bingo game. Once again, the Lord showed me his faithfulness. After reassuring Elisa and Ava she was ok and it wasnt their faults (they were feeling so bad since it was their game) I thought...why one earth was it not my very first response to take a breath and pray?! Why am I not programmed to instinctly do that!!? Im getting there....Im much better at it then I used to be, but look how quickly GOd took care of the situation. It was just so awesome! Poor little Audrey was scared though but after a little cuddling and some mommies milk she was good to go!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fun Foto Friday!

Excuse the corny title....I couldn't resist ;) I had some pictures I wanted to post and they all didnt fall into the same category or event, so I thought I'd just smush them all together into a Friday post with pics!
We went to zoo yesterday for homeschool day. We all had a great time and got to know some other people from our homeschool group a little better. And since we were going to they all had to wear their zebra outfits :)

Here are some other random pictures.

We all look a bit rough in this picture but oh well.

We had a tea party at Mimi's house. We all dressed up in old dresses, and Elisa and Ava in hats, and had "tea" (actually it was passion fruit juice) and buscuits (cookies and oyster crackers). We even dressed up Audrey but this was my cameras final day working for us, so I didnt get a picture of Audrey dressed up before the camera decided to stop working.