Friday, October 3, 2008

Fun Foto Friday!

Excuse the corny title....I couldn't resist ;) I had some pictures I wanted to post and they all didnt fall into the same category or event, so I thought I'd just smush them all together into a Friday post with pics!
We went to zoo yesterday for homeschool day. We all had a great time and got to know some other people from our homeschool group a little better. And since we were going to they all had to wear their zebra outfits :)

Here are some other random pictures.

We all look a bit rough in this picture but oh well.

We had a tea party at Mimi's house. We all dressed up in old dresses, and Elisa and Ava in hats, and had "tea" (actually it was passion fruit juice) and buscuits (cookies and oyster crackers). We even dressed up Audrey but this was my cameras final day working for us, so I didnt get a picture of Audrey dressed up before the camera decided to stop working.


AmberP said...

Lindsay - I miss your beautiful family like crazy!!! I can't believe how much Elisa is looking like you - more and more everyday. I want to squish them all. I definitely have to plan a trip down there :) I will try to call you during the week!

Kristina said...

your girls are so beautiful!!!