Monday, October 13, 2008

Just one more reason....

After reading this article ( I just feel an even stronger outrage for Obama. Its one thing to enforce a draft with the young men in our country, but dont tell me that my girls are included in a draft. God created men and women differently, with different roles. With different strengths and weaknesses. I dont care how hard the feminists kick and scream WE ARE NOT CREATED EQUALLY! I couldnt have built our house like my husband and father in law did. I cant go out and chop a tree down and cut up the wood for winter. I guess I can do these things, but I was not created to do these things. Just like my husband cant carry and birth a baby. He cant give our baby the very best nourishment through breastmilk like I can. He wasnt created for that!!! WE ARE CREATED DIFFERENT!!!!!! We were not created to do the same things and have the same strengths. To think that we may face a time in the near future when a President will stand up and tell me that my of age daughters are REQUIRED to sign up for a draft makes me so angry! Stupid feminists! I am so sick of them affecting my life! Thats fine if they want to spew their equality on their own children but dont force it on mine!