Friday, September 19, 2008

She speaks

Its finally the end of the week...yay! I love Fridays bc I have the excitement of having Derek home with us for the next 2 days. The girls love Fridays too, for the same reason. Its nice knowing I have the next 2 days of "help" and Derek has been taking the girls outside to play on Saturday mornings and letting me have some uninterupted time to read or sew (my new favorite pasttime).

Audrey said her 4th word. Yes, I know shes not even 11 months and already talking? If I didnt hear it myself I wouldnt believe it either. But its true. Her first word was hi. She said that very very young. If I told you how young, you wouldnt believe that either, lol. But we (read: our family) werent the only ones who heard her say that. Then she learned new skills and stopped saying that and moved onto new things. Next came dada. At first, like most babies, it wasnt just referring to Derek but instead just babbling. But now she says it towards him. If she sees him pull up through the window she gets really excited and says DADA! while bouncing herself up and down. (Shes our biggest daddies girls by far). Next came bye. She started saying that within the past few weeks. Of course she wont always do it on command (ever notice how babies wont perform) but she says it at the appropriate times. And last, and most excitingly she says Uh-Oh. Its soooo cute!! We thought she was saying that earlier in the week but I just dismissed it but then yesterday while we were out she dropped and toy from the basket and Elisa said Uh-oh and picked it up. The next thing we heard was Audrey saying UH-OH, as clear as day. So cute! So we kept saying it over and over just to make sure thats what she was really saying....and it was. A lady walked by and heard her and commented on how cute it was, so that confirmed it wasnt just us trying to hear something that wasnt there. Since then shes been saying it constantly and at the right times. I cant believe how much shes "talking". Our earliest by far. We were at Chick-fil-a after our homeschool co-op today and Audrey dropped a ketchup packet and said Uh-Oh and Ava (who was sitting by her) said "Good job Audrey! Now can you says ketchup?!" Me and Elisa just laughed and laughed!! Funny little Ava.

Ive also done a little more sewing lately. So, of course I have to post pictures. :) Unfortunately I think Ive let it get the best of me and my housework has started to suffer. So, I really shouldnt be online blogging but instead cleaning. I'll get right on soon as this is posted.

Ava in a dress with leggings.

Looks like shes praising the Lord, hehe.

This was originally suppossed to be her birthday outfit, but I left the ruffles too long so I just kept it as a Fall dress. I want some little pumpkin robeez (actually knockoffs) to go with it. How cute would that be?!?!


Adam@home said...

Just to say 'hi' ;o). Saw your blog on the AR-list :oD

Mirjam :o) ~ The Netherlands ~ and homeschooling three boys (7yo,4yo and 13mo)

Sharon said...

You're doing a wonderful job so proud of you! Those clothes are soo cute!