Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Ok moms.....Im not sure who or how many people read my blog but I need some input. I'm thinking of starting a home business of selling bows and outfits, (like ones I've posted). SO here is where your input comes in. As a mom, or aunt or friend of a little girl.... would you purchase bows or cute custom outfits online or at booths (such as at craft fairs or flea markets) for the little one in your life?? Just leave a comment to let me know :)THANKS


Denise said...

Have you thought about selling them on Etsy? I get in trouble spending WAY too much on there!! If you get a website set up let me know and I will post it on my message boards!

AmberP said...

YES I WOULD!!!! Amazing work... I love those amazing outfits that Ava and Audrey are wearing above! Stinkin' cute :)

Anonymous said...

I'm an Etsy addict! I second Denise's comment that you should try selling on there. And I adore the handmade outfits with matching bows and other accessories.

Bates Fam said...

I have a friend who makes bows and sells them to shops in town for them to sell. Of course she could make more if she was selling them herself instead but she is a homeschooling mom too and doesn't have a venue to do that.
Funny thing was that some of us in my Moms group were buying the bows from the various stores for a bigger price and then she came in to class one day with boxes of them for really cheap....her secret then came out.
I'd say go for it!!