Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My First Babystep in FLYing

I've heard about FLYLADY for a loong time. But I've never ventured over to her site to check all her stuff out. Well, a thread about clutter came up on one of my yahoo groups and FLYLADY was brought up again and again. Since clutter is a HUGE (that doesnt even begin to describe it over here) issue in our house, I finally gave in a checked out her site.
She has 31 days of Baby steps, one each day. So, I decided today was the day! Hopefully by the time Owen makes his arrival we'll have a house thats clean and organized on a regular basis!

Her first step is Shining your sink. She gives you step by step instructions but the first step includes filling the sink with hot water and bleach and letting that sit for an hour. We dont use chemical products in our house so the bleach wasn't really an option so I just used what I had and some elbow grease and I'm pretty darn satisfied with the results!
Here are my before and after pics. Keep in mind I'm being very open here, so dont judge me for my messy sink full of dishes! You know you're sink has been like this before!



Soooo much better!! Because the sink is stainless steal it had rust spots in different areas. I used some Shaklee stuff a friend gave me....and it got the rust stains off!!! I'm so excited for Derek to come home and see my shiny sink!


Scoggins Family said...

I love the scour off! It even took red nail polish off the tub! And aren't you proud of your progress?! You go girl!

Joy Howse said...

Wow, it looks great. I have heard of the FLY lady often but never looked much farther. I am sure I could use her advice over here in clutter land. My sink looks like the first two pics all the time. But such a sense of accomplishment when ALL the dishes are done and sink is scrubbed clean. I look forward to your journey with FLY lady. Lord knows I should join in. :)

Megan said...

Wow...that looks great! I should really jump on this bandwagon!