Sunday, March 15, 2009

Away with the ugly hair!

So, its been too long since I posted...and I dont really know what to blog about. It needs to be something "light". While I would love to get into something political, I dont really feel like it right now, lol.
So I decided to show my new hair. First you should know that I got my haircut back in Dec. It was grown out from being the cute little angled bob that every other lady in America had (or still has). Since the sides were so much longer than the back I told her I wanted it even all the way around, keeping as much length as possible with slight layering throughout to add volume. I paid about $50 for the haircut, so it wasnt a cheap place, so I expected her to be able to "create" what I wanted. Well, instead I got the Rachel cut from 1994. Ugh!!! I can usually just go with haircuts that arent what I envisioned, but this was just AWFUL. I call it the awful mom cut, and to make matters worse (in the haircut sense) Im pregnant so the first area to gain weight is my face. So I dont need a bad haircut framing my ever growing face!!! Then, no one (that would be my dear hubby or my sweet mom or close friends) told me how awful my hair color was!! I had it highlighted with my cute bob, but had since done an all over brown. Well that had faded so I had darkened highlights twd the bottom of my hair along with a faded dyed brown section and then my natural brown roots. Nice. Just call me the lady with the bad roots. (Thats an inside joke for Derek)
Well, since the hair stylest cut one layer around my face right to about my chin I decided it would be best to wait a month or two and let it grow out, live with the awful haircut and then once that layer was a bit longer...go back and get it recut. Since one of the benefits of taking prenatal vitamins is faster growing hair, I knew I wouldnt have to wait too long. So, I decided today was the day to finally end my hair misery!! And as icing on the cake my parents had a coupon for half off a haircut at the place I usually go. Score! So, here is a before. (Please dont judge me by my awful hair)
The left side gives you the best example of the cut. Seriously just remember the super popular Rachel cut from the peak of Friends. I promise thats exactly what it was like!
Here is my new haircut! I also dyed it brown again last week! Ohhh I like it sooo much better!!! Its amazing how a silly little haircut can make you feel about yourself. Lets just say I feel MUCH better now!


Jennifer said...

I didn't think your hair looked bad in the first picture at all. The second one looks good too though. The brown makes you look older...but not in a bad way of course:) In answer to your question, I volunteer at the Center here in Bowie, which is 30 minutes north of Decatur. We lie in between Fort Worth and Wichita Falls. You live near Greenville don't you?

Megan said...

Super cute! I love hair is like halfway down my long and I really need a cut! I love your new do.