Thursday, March 19, 2009

The First Step...Mind Control

*****Warning if you're a strong supporter of America's public education system you might be offended if you read any further. My suggsetion would be to STOP here. :) **************
Derek and I watched The Boy in the Striped Pajamas last night. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. Its a very sad movie but worth the watch.
As I was watching I couldn't help but see what could be the future of America. I know I know, it might seem far fetched to some. So, let me help you in understanding what I mean.
First, with the current administration and with the control the NEA seems to have over them there is a fear that one day homeschooling would become illegal. The President has said he would like to see that all people teaching children must be accredited. Well, this might sound harmless and even good on the outside but think about it. The implication is accredited in every subject they teach. So, as homeschooling mothers unless we're "accredited" in every subject required by law to teach we wont be able to teach our children. I dont know one homeschooling mother who would be "qualified" under that new law to teach their own children. (The children they themselves birthed mind you!!) And since when is it the govnts place to tell ME I can't teach MY own children!? And to take it a step further...think that private and Christian schools would be safe? Nope, because the govt will decide what the terms of accreditation are and so subjects like Bible would then be in control of the government. Seems like an oxymoron to me. So, basically every avenue of learning would be under the control of the govt.
So, look at it like this. If I'm schooling my children at home, and they're not under the schooling of a government funded and controlled education system then that same system really doesn't have control of what my children are being taught. If they dont have that brainwashing, I mean controlling ability then they can't guarantee the loyalty of those children not under their control. Make sense?
In Nazi Germany it was illegal for children NOT to be enrolled in a govt run school. Why would this be so important? Well, they couldn't indoctrinate the children with Nazi brainwashing if they didn't have control of their minds and what they were being taught. They wouldn't be able to brainwash the German children into thinking that all Jews were evil and weren't even human if they didnt have control of their learning environment (at least) 8 hours a day. They wouldn't have been able to "teach" them that they were "regaining their fatherland" by riding Germany of all Jews. Basically, they wouldn't have been able to brainwash the future and upcoming German population into obedience and support had they not had the minds of the children!
The earlier a controlling force (be it a government or whatever) has control of the minds of the children the better the outcome of their plans. The last thing that controlling force wants is the children to be kept at home, with those children's own parents morals and value systems being instilled in them. So whats the best plan of action that controlling force can take? Make sure the kids CAN NOT be kept out of their education system and get control of them as young as possible!
This whole subject really does scare me. I know we have not been given a spirit of fear but to think that in my children's lifetime they will be forced to be under the mind control and education of a government who I disagree with....well that's just scary!
As a side note. Did you know about these detention centers already built here in the US? You can also google detention centers and get different articles. They were built under the guise of controlling a mass crossing from the Mexican border into the US. But many sites also mention use of them during a natural disaster or a point in time where martial law needs to be enacted. Think of all the other possibilities....what about using them to "house" a portion of population with contradicting and opposing beliefs then the current administration? That's what the Nazi's did. Just a thought.....
Now go rent The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. :)

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