Sunday, March 29, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I am now around 25 weeks pregnant and feeling pretty good these days. Praise the Lord! I was so exhausted this first half of this pregnancy I could hardly function. Seriously. Only the basics of life survived during that period. There were many days when the girls ate cereal for breakfast, lunch and sometimes even dinner! Only the basics of school were accomplished.
Now that I actually have almost normal energy again I feel like I am doing my job around here much better! I am providing healthy meals for my family, keeping the house clean (most of the time!) and we're back to adding more things into our school day.

As far as school goes, we're learning about history. We're learning Biblical history, American history and our family history right along side of each other. Its so neat walking through the beginning of Genesis with the girls and learning that Noah outlived his grandsons to the 3rd, 4th and even 5th generations! Its cool learning that 1 of the main reasons Christopher Columbus wanted to cross over to this New World was bc he wanted to spread the message of Christ to the strange dark skinned people Marco Polo described in his writings. And the only reason he was given the funding to come was by the help of a Monk who believed in that mission as well and by Queen Isabella giving up (pawning basically) her crown jewels. Something completely unheard of being done by a queen at that time. As for our family history we have been blessed with a book written by my Great Grandpa's cousin recording our ancestory back to the 1700s when they came to America and including many fun stories of those past generations. We learned that we have a relative who died in the battle at Gettysburg and our great great great great....whatever (we are still trying to figure out exactly what the relation is, I think its a grandpa) actually came as 1 of 10 men to America from Ireland with a General under George Washington during the Revolutionary war! Some other relatives, 2 brothers, served as guards to the White House during Presidents Lincoln's term and were invited inside by the President himself one night during a terrible storm. Its really cool to be able to read these stories to the girls and be able to point out events in American history at the same time these events with our own distant relatives were taking place!

One other thing that I did this week was started sewing again!! Yippee! I havnt had the energy to sew this entire time and the thought of sitting down at the table for any extended period of time was very unappealing. So, when I saw some fabric and got inspired I knew I had to take advantage of the renewed passion! Here is the first thing Ive made since before Christmas.

I also got some new fabric to make dresses for Audrey and Ava and hopefully a skirt for Elisa. If I can get them all done in the next 2 weeks these will be their Easter outfits. Eventhough Ive already got their Easter dresses this year I stuck with really plain dresses they could wear any other Sunday and wouldnt seem overdressed. I also got some fabric samples for Owens bedding. I decided Im going to make it for a couple reasons. 1) It'll be cheaper than most bedding sets 2) I havent been able to find the exact bedding that I want (it probably doesnt even exist! LOL) and 3) I know I'll have such a great feeling of accomplishment once its actually done! Here are the fabrics I'm going to incorporate into his room (or space in our room if we dont get a room added on before he arrives).
The fabric in the lower right hand side is actually brown leather (well fake leather) but it turned out dark in the picture. The fabric in the top middle is dark denim. This combo is exactly what I was looking for so making it myself is the best route so I can get what I want!

This week Im getting back into being a wise grocery shopper, bc I have the energy to again! Ive learned that menu planning for 2 weeks and making out my grocery according to that is a huge way to save money. I also price match at Walmart with all the other local ads and before I lost all my energy to function I had started doing the CVS and Walgreens deals and started couponing too. So, this week I'm jumping back on that bandwagon! Im excited to see how much I can start saving again!
Im so glad Im getting back to normal life :)


Joy Howse said...

WOW, that outfit is ADORABLE!!! as I am sure the bedding will be as well. That is so awesome the major connections with your family and history. What a valuable lesson in history for your girls. I pray that the energy will continue through the remainder of the pregnancy. I remember how tiring those first few months were. Have a blessed week.

Anonymous said...

I remember 2nd and 3rd trimesters so well with my kids....finally the energy to do the things that needed to get done!

Denise said...

The bedding is going to be adorable !I can't wait to see the completed project!!!

Scoggins Family said...

I have been having a renewed sewing surge myself. Geeting back to quilts! Loving it-Have fun shoppong and sewing-and call those Texas reps to oppose HB188! You go girl!! See ya Friday.

Jennifer said...

The outfit was adorable. The bedding material looks just like the bedding I saw on Ebay. I am still going to have the seamstress in town sew mine for me. She's very reasonably priced and much better than me. I just bought a pattern today to make Libby some summer shorts but the pattern is definitely an easy to sew for dummies kinda thing so it should be easy to sew. I don't think I could make anything like your outfit or bedding yet. Glad you're feeling well with lots of energy.