Friday, August 1, 2008

We have a planning nightmare.....and the dog chewed!?!?!

Well what an eventful past couple days its been.

Weds I picked the girls up from VBS and we drove to eat lunch with Derek. We ate at Chick-fil-a and as we were leaving we noticed some really bad damage to our car. Right above the drivers side front wheel there was some markings we couldnt figure out. Literally holes with scratches around them. We thought maybe something fell off a truck as they drove off? After picking up my friend Lisa (who is in town from Orland0) and her mother pointing out that it looked like a dog had chewed on our car. It had rained the night before and Penny is terrified of storms. After our neighbors shooting her she panicks when it starts to rain. We dont let her in anymore after we noticed a tick in the house last time we let her in. We tell her to go down to Dereks parents house under their garage/carport. She usually gives in and goes down there. Well aparently that night she decided to chew on our car. It looks so ugly (I'll post pics of it later). I just would have never thought the fear in her would make her chew on soemthing like a CAR!

After eating lunch we drove all the way out Frisco to Party America I had called the night before to check and see if they carried Littlest Pet Shop party supplies. They told me they do, so off we went after we ate lunch with Derek. We got there and looked around. We looked some more. I started thinking surely I didnt just drive almost an hour and half out here for nothing. So I asked and was told they did NOT have LPS party supplies and they never had. They werent sure why the girl the night before had told me they did bc they never have. I was very frustrated, to say the least. So I prayed for self control while asking the girls what other party theme they wanted. Since theyre sharing a party this yr I needed them to agree. But of course one wanted one thing and the other somethign else. THats why LPS was perfect bc they both love playing that. I didnt realize that I was going to have such a hard time finding it and that I should have ordered it online like a month ago if I wanted it for their party. So we searched Target, Walmart and Hobby Lobby...again. Hoping that maybe those stores in a different city might have the theme. But of course not. We finally decided on theme colors, that went with the LPS stuff. So we're doing that and going to put stickers on things and Im going to *try* and make LPS center pieces. That along with an LPS themed cake hopefully will get the point across. We'll see. Theyll have fun regardless though.

Audrey has been fussy since we got back from New Orleans. She had a runny nose and yucky cough and was just acting like she didnt feel well. She started pulling on her ears so I decided to take her in. They Dr said she was pretty sure it was just environmental (allergies) and nothing else. Thats what we had thought until she started pulling her ears. Well Ive been watching her bottom gums for months now wondering when her first tooth will come in. The ony on the left (her right) looks like its right there about to pop through. So we've kept waiting, but nothing. Well as I sat down to check my email Audrey started chewing on paper (her favorite thing in the world). I put my finger in her mouth to make sure she hadnt gotten any in there and felt somethign shard and hard on the top gum. I thought 'what on earth!?' Then I remembered that Elisa has an extra tooth on the top and that it was the first tooth Elisa got in. This is not normal bc most of the time babies get the bottom 2 first. I pulled Audreys lip up and sure enough a tooth!!! Its in the same exact spot as Elisa's extra one, so Im assuming Audrey will have the same extra tooth. (That apparently my dad has as well). Its out pretty far so I have no clue how long shes had it! I havent felt it while shes nursing, but then again shes not really a biter. (Thank you Lord!) Anyways, no wonder she was so fussy last week! Poor baby. We had no clue she was getting a tooth.....up there!

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