Monday, August 25, 2008

Picture overload!!

Well for some odd reason my camera decided to work again last night. Briefly at least. It took the pictures I wanted and then stopped working again.
Dereks company gave him Friday off bc of all the hard work and extra hours he put in the past couple of weeks fixing a problem with a company in Dublin. Since their in a different time zone (obviously) he was working crazy hours. So the problem got fixed and they wanted to show their appreciation so gave him a free day off. It didnt come out of his PTO but was paid for.We were going to go to the homeschool bookfair in Plano. I really wanted to hear Dough Philips from the Vision Forum.
The girls ended up spending the night at my parents house Thursday night and my mom surprised them on Wednesday by getting them the bedding they wanted from Target. We found it at Target last week and it was exactly what they've been wanting. Ever since going to Dereks Aunt and Uncles house and seeing one of their cousins bedrooms they've wanted a zebra and cheetah print bedroom with hot pink and lime green. So when we saw the bedding it was perfect! Derek said we needed to wait until we could really justify spending the money on on being wise with money (JK of course!) , so we didnt get it right then. But thank goodness my mom did bc we really wanted (well, me and the girls did, lol)! I got some fabric at Hobby Lobby and made some throw pillows for their bed.

I think they turned out really well considering Ive only been sewing since May!

Well since we didnt have the girls (well older 2) that night we decided to surprise them by painting their room. We painted one wall (the one you can see in the picture) hot pink, the side walls lime green and the opposite wall light pink. Boy were they surprised and excited when they got home!
We didnt end up going to the bookfair. I was a little dissapointed but oh well it was worth not going and surprising the girls.
Friday night Farmersville hosted a movie on the parkway. They set up a giant screen in a field and played Horton Hears a Who for the town. It was completely free and they even gave out free popcorn and teddy grahms (yum!). The girls had a great time! Audrey was even entertained...for a little bit at least, lol.
Saturday we woke up bright and early to Derek starting his first brisket. My parents got him a smoker for his birthday day and he hasnt been able to use it yet bc we've been so busy every weekend up until now. So he finally bought a brisket and spent all day hovering over it, making sure the temp and everything was perfect. Our good friends Crystal, Danny and Exie came to visit that night and share in the yummyness of the brisket! Derek did an awesome job at his first go at a brisket. We all really really enjoyed it!! I think he was pleased.
Since Crystal works for a local sports magazine she has a really nice camera. She is the one who usually takes Audreys pictures but we havent had her take them since Audrey was like umm....well I guess since Christmas, so little. She brought her camera and we got some REALLY adorable pics of lil Audrey. Im going to call them her official 9 mo pics...eventhough she was only 2 days shy of 10 months. Here is a glimpse of what we got.

They're somewhat dark and still need a little editing but you get the idea! Crystal did a great job!

This is what happens when a 9 mo old should really be asleep in bed and you make her sit still and take pictures instead of playing with the other kids. LOL But look at her cute little tooth she FINALLY has!

Well I think Im all blogged out now. This is the start to our last week of summer. Next Tuesday we'll be starting school. Dance also starts back up and we'll be starting co-op with our homeschoool group. At least Ive had about a month of a peaceful summer. Im kinda ready for the routine of the school year to start back up though.

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Linsi said...

Wow girl! Glad to see someone else on here to likes to write a lot!!
;0) Love to read the stories! Esp since we don't ever see you :)
That is an awesome job on the pillows! Man I need you to teach me to sew.. had the new machine for over a yr now, and just can't get inspired.. mainly bc I am not confident enough! I need to take classes, but with Laile's schedule we will have to pay extra money for a sitter.. maybe well worth it though! Did you take classes? - BTW my blog is and if you want to check them out :) The latter is a newer one with new pics and the first is more bloggy.. hope to update more often too!