Monday, August 18, 2008

We're still alive and kickin'

I know I know, I havent updated this in awhile. But life has been busy and my digi camera died. Apparently the problem is common with Canon Powershot cameras and costs around $150 to fix. So we may as well just get a new camera. Im so sad. Now I dont even want to bother with another point and shoot and just get a DSLR. Maybe for my birthday/Christmas. (hint hint mom and Derek) So for now I'll be using my film SLR for any pics I want to take. But hey sometimes its nice to actually be surprised by the pics and get to actually hold them when you view them for the first time.

Well my gossip free for 8 days went pretty well...and by fast. Now Im implementing it as a lifestyle. It should be anyways. In scripture gossip its listed right up there alongside murder and fornication. Obviously its pretty offensive to God! The Bible says that The tongue has the power of life and death......(Proverbs 18:1). So through our speech we can literally bring life and death into a situation. Now thats powerful stuff (thats for you Andrew Womack fans ;) ). But seriously it is! Ive viewed this time and again. This summer God really gave me a perfect opportunity to be a light in the darkness and guard my tongue in a situation. I feel I failed miserably. No, actually I know I did. In hindsight I can see how He provided the perfect sitation to cling to His words and watch what I said, but I chose to indulge the flesh and join in. How sick the whole situation makes me feel. Fortunately I know we have an awesome Father in Heaven who has already forgiven me. Now I have the rest of my life to head His word and guard my tongue!! As a female and having this as my weakness I know I'll have to totally depend on His strength in this. Thankfully the Lord is willing to hold my hand in this. So watching my tongue is going to be the area that Im giving the Lord to work on at this point in my life. That along with patience and endurance to get through the days ;) LOL

Theres more to write...but I'll have to save it for later. Life is calling.........

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