Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A girl discovers chocolate

As I was getting ready to start dinner tonight I decided to eat some cake (that Dereks mom made this past weekend to celebrate Derek and the girls birthdays (that were earlier this month) ) right out of the cake pan. Since I was holding Audrey I decided I should let her in on the delicousness (is that even a word??) and put tiny amounts of cholocate icing in her mouth. I did this twice and went on eating more cake myself. I kept feeling her reaching for something but didnt think much of it bc I was so preoccupied with the yummyness (again, is this even a word??) myself. I finally decided to look over at her and realized what had been going on! She had discovered a place on the side of the cake pan where icing was. She realized she could reach in there and get some on her hand and taste it and go back in for more...without mom even realizing what she was doing!!! Let me tell you, for a baby whos still only nursing (no solids yet) this was a treat!!

Think she enjoyed it? lol

On another note.....Ive been on a sewing binge lately. The dress Audrey has on in my first post I made. I also decided I was going to make a birthday outfit for Ava to wear for her party. I need some brown and light pink thread for the finishing touches but hopefully you get the idea. Im very proud of myself!

Im going to add ribbon along the top of the ruffle. That way you cant tell there the ruffle was sewn on the shorts.

This is what Im waiting for the brown and light pink thread for. I'm going to applique on the cupcake. (You can tell its a cupcake....right?!?)

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crystal adams said...

you truly outdid yourself on this outfit...i can't wait to see ava at the birthday party!