Monday, July 28, 2008

The wonderful world of blogging.....

I attempted to start blogging 2 months ago and failed miserably after the first post. So, here I am, nursing baby and all, giving it a go a second time. We'll see how successful I am this time.

Its always fun to catch up on far away friends lives through their blogs. Somehow I feel like I'm taking part in their day to day activities. So, now maybe some of those same friends can feel like theyre part of our everyday life.

I'll start off this blogging journey with some pics of my sweet lil babe. It makes me so sad shes already 9 months old. Who would have guessed that these past 9 months would have flown by so fast. For her life starting out so rough she sure does look healthy and adorable!

1 comment:

crystal adams said...

i LOVE Audrey's dress and her matching bow...and an absolutely beautiful baby to go along with it all...too cute for words!! =)