Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dallas Arboretum

A couple weeks ago my friend Crystal and I took the girls to the Dallas Arboretum to take some pretty Spring pictures. Crystal took her good work camera and got some gorgeous pics but here are some of the ones I got with my point and shoot. This wasnt supposed to be the "Audrey show" but I guess because shes the baby we naturally take more pictures of her. I figure since shes getting the shortest time to be the baby of the family then any of the girls so far, then taking more pictures of her right now is ok. Only 10 more weeks and her role as baby will be taken over by Owen.

Wheres the bird Audrey??

Audrey ran off in the grass and started spinning in circles and singing. Im guessing she was singing Ring Around the Rosies bc she fell down and started cracking up......

........She then did this. Silly girl!


I cant believe how old my biggest little girl is getting. :(

This was Ava's very own pose. She plopped herself right down on the walkway :)

This is Audreys 'official' 18 mo picture. She was 10 days shy of turing 18 months old.

My 3 sweet girls. What a gift to have 3 girls!


Joy Howse said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Those pictures are just too adorable for words! I take it she didn't like dangling her legs in the water. And that leg lift pose, newest yoga instructor in training. :) too funny!!! How could you ever get a bad shot when you have such beautiful subjects in the photo?

Jennifer said...

You did a great job photographing your girls. They are very photogenic. All their outfits looked so fresh and springy. How is the bedding coming along you're making?

Debbie said...

Wow, you have a great blog and wonderful clothing. I love the pictures you took, too.

Graceful Threads said...

Adorable little angels there! I saw a post of your on a MB and was wondering if you could share with me who your VBAC Dr in Dallas is?

Mae said...

Hi Lindsay,

Great bolg! I absolutly love those pictues!! Your girls are just too cute!
I like your blog! Take Cre and keep on strong for the Lord!!
Mae - wife to Pual, mommy to Nathan, Clayton, Samuel,Sarah, and newest blessing due 1-27-10!