Sunday, May 24, 2009

It doesnt get this cheap even at Wal-Mart!

I just had to blog about these great deals I got this weekend!! Carters is one of my favorite places to shop for my kiddos because they have such cute and comfy stuff but also because I always have a coupon and they run such great sales!! I got a coupon in my email last week for 25% off a purchase of at least $40. Usually the coupons they send are 20% off a purchase of $50, so the coupon they sent this week was even better than usual! Plus they were having their Memorial Day sale and everything already clearanced was an additional 30% the clearance price.
I was planning on just picking up some outfits for Audrey since shes FINALLY starting to outgrow her 6-12 month clothes. (Yes, you read that right. My 19 month old is just now outgrowing her 6-12 month clothes...but thats a whole other topic in itself.) So, she needed some summer outfits that fit. I guess I had already sold all of Ava's old 12-18 mo Summer stuff because we just *knew* we weren't going to have any more girls.....hardy har har. Anyways, so there were no hand-me-downs waiting to unload from a bin.
As I was checking out I noticed a boys diaper bag marked down to $7.99!!!! A brand new Carters diaper bag for $7.99! Even if it wasnt exactly what I wanted or envisioned for my first BOY diaper bag...for $8 I was getting it!!! Then, since it was on clearance it was an additional 30% off plus my coupon brought it down another 25% off. After all the discounts I paid $4.47 for a brand new Carters diaper bag!!! Did you read that?!?!

$4.47 for this NEW diaper bag!!
I dont think I could get that great of a deal at a garage sale or at Wal-Mart!
Then, while I'm still looking at the diaper bag Derek and the girls start going through a bin of boys shirts marked down to $3.99 with an aditional 30% off. After seeing those 2 great deals we asked her to suspend our transaction and headed to the boys clearance racks.

This is what we ended up snagging for $26.78!!

3 pairs of pants
5 shirts
3 jackets
The total cost of these pieces from the same "collection": $8.92!!!
This complete outfit total cost: $7.81
I can say I'm mighty proud and excited about these awesome deals!!! I didn't pay more than $4.47 for anything!
I think its pretty cool at how the Lord blessed us with these great deals! If you knew me even 2-3 years ago you would know how OBSESSED with kids clothes I was. Gymboree was my FAVORITE place to shop and actually pretty much the only place I shopped for the girls. I can't really say we could afford it but I would justify it because I only ever bought stuff on sale, always took advantage of Gymbucks and then re-sold the clothes when they outgrew them. There were several seasons that I made MORE money back on their used clothes than I actually spent on them. I got really good at making great looking ebay listings that would make good money. BUT...then the Lord started dealing with my heart on materialism and my literal addiction to Gymboree. So I prayed and prayed he would take away my desire for their clothes. I know that sounds silly but I literally had an awful Gymboree addiction. I would day dream about outfits and wouldn't be settled until I got to buy them for the girls. So, I finally got a job there to recieve the discount and low and behold thats what God used to break my addiction! I got so sick of their clothes and lines that I stopped shopping there almost altogether! I used to not be able to go in there without spending money and now I can walk in there and if its not say under like 10 bucks....I'm not buying it! That is a HUGE change for me! I still think the quality of their clothes far surpasses most brands. And Ava still wears the hand-me-downs from Elisa and they still look brand new. But Ive been delivered from that addiction and learned to be a better steward of the funds that the Lord has entrusted to us.
So now I can get super excited about great deals like I find at Carters and save LOTS of money!


Joy Howse said...

WOW, what a steal!!! I need to do some summer shopping for my boys. Alexis is all taken care of but I just can't seem to find summer stuff for the guys. Might try to get that done tomorrow. And might just have to head to Wal Mart to see what I can get. (hubby is union so I RARELY go there in support of him, but night have to make an exception)

Joy Howse said...

Meant to add that I wish we had a Carter's store around here instead of depending on the Wal Mart cheap price. Our Carter's store is a huge distance away so the savings is taken up in gas and time.

Crystal said...

Awesome! I love deals like that and you got a lot of really cute stuff! Can't wait to see it all on him. =)

Bates Fam said...

What great deals! I wish we had a carters around here...
Oh and talking about small clothing size...Alex is 25 months and still wears 12 month clothes and most of the pants of those can't stay I totally know what ya mean! But it's nice b/c he is wearing last summers shorts still.