Friday, May 22, 2009

Can I tell you what drives me crazy?

It drives me crazy when people who have done NO research and made NO attempt to educate themselves on the subject of VBACs try and tell me how "dangerous" it is. And to "be careful". Or respond with "well I never attempted a VBAC bc its just too risky". I want to say...oh really? And you base this on what information? You've read what studies and books to base your fears on?? The response is oh well my Dr wouldnt let me do one bc its too dangerous. Well my friend, did you bother asking your Dr what information s/he is basing that on??? Has your Dr even educated her/himself on VBACs or is there fear based solely on legal fears??
I'm in the middle of reading Silent Knife and I am constantly stopping and having to read excerpts to Derek bc I am/was sooooo clueless on all of this! I have spent the past yr or so (give or take a few months) educating myself on this subject so I can be totally prepared and make an educated and informed decision on how Owen makes his entrance into the world.
I learned this week that having repeat c-sections are MORE dangerous than a VBAC!! Get that?! MORE dangerous! The risks associated with repeat c/s are far greater than those associated with VBACs. That the current stats we have on the risk of uterine rupture (which is what most Drs will tell you you have a HUGE chance of happening) are actually incorrect bc they're based on studies where instances were classified as uterine rupture but were actually not uterine rupture at all. And that women who have NEVER had a c/s also have a risk of uterine rupture. There was also one study I was reading about that pointed out that of all the women participating in the study NONE, let me repeat that...NONE of the women having or attempting a VBAC suffered uterine rupture but 2, yes 2, women who had never had a c/s experienced uterine rupture. Interesting. And since the risk of uterine rupture with a repeat c/s LESS than 2%....Im willing to take that risk over the risks associated to me and the baby with having a repeat c/s.
My mother in law had an OB she used to work for tell her I had this HUGE chance of uterine rupture and it was so dangerous and if it happened there would only be 14 mins to save mine and the babies lives. Again....UNTRUE!! And this is an OB!??!?! Ugh, just sickening how these people we trust to help us bring our babies into the world are they themselves so uneducated!
It drives me absolutely crazy when people just buy into information without doing the research themselves!!!!!
So, before you try and let me know how dangerous attempting a VBAC is.....please be prepared to show me what you base that on. :)

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Joy Howse said...

Great post. Can't wait to read about your successful VBAC.