Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On a journey with cancer

A couple months ago our old pastor was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer. He has been video journaling his journey. Its such an encouragement to watch his faith remain strong through this life changing event. If you have some time I highly recommend taking the time to watch all 7 entries (so far). They can be found at Livingway Church.
Also, will you take some time to lift up these people in our lives currently battling cancer?
My Aunt Gail, my closest aunt, has been battling breast cancer, that has returned and spread, for the past year now. Please pray for peace for her right now and we'll always take complete healing!!
Pastor Ted...mentioned above
Tom Shirey- this is the father of a family in our homeschool group. They have 8 kids, the youngest being Ava's age (4). Their 2 girls are part of a girls group Elisa and Ava attend and although we dont know them all that well they appear to be a family truly serving and following the Lord. He was diagnosed with Lymphoma last week and is undergoing very intense chemo every 12 hours. Yes you read that right, every 12 hours. Pray for complete healing, peace for his wife and kids and for his kidenys to function properly so they can continue the aggressive chemo.
My moms uncle was also diagnosed with cancer about a month ago as well as Dereks moms cousins husband. That sounds like my friends brothers sister in laws dog, but its part of the family even if its not super close. Pray that if they dont know the Lord he would bring them to Him should the cancer win.
Cancer pretty much just stinks!

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Joy Howse said...

I second your last statement. IT STINKS!!! It took my dad's life when he was only 50 yrs old (liver) and my grandpa's (stomach) when he was 75, and too many other countless persons in my life. They will be in my prayers.