Monday, February 2, 2009

What nonsense!

I was reading another blog I follow and she posted a link to this article.
What nonsense!!!!!!! We (Derek and I) have some pretty strong convictions when it comes to our family size (and birth control...or lack thereof) so I know we're not the "norm" even among Christian families. But give me a break!!!! Our world is NOT overpopulated! Countries like Germany, Italy and Sweden are dying populations. The only reason those populations will survive at all with their current birthrates are because of the (muslim) immigrants. (Thats a whole other can of worms....SCARY!!!) Its only going to take 3 generations from now....THREE, for Germans to be the minority in Germany. In other words, in 3 generations Germany will be a muslim populated country out numbering true Germans something like 6 to 1.
Ohhh how I wish I could get into this topic. I guess I will a little bit :)
Can you imagine what the world is going to be like with the muslim population taking over most of Europe. Theyre having, on average, 6 children per family to the less than 2 children per family most European families have. The Europeans cant even maintain their population rate, much less grow it, with birth rates that low. Countries like Italy and Japan (yes I realize thats not a Euro nation) are actually paying their citizens to have children bc their population is a rapidly aging one. Japan is sending workers home early in hopes theyll have sex to help along their population problem. Read this! Italy offers hefty incentives to have MORE children bc their population is aging so quickly. And they still cant get people to have more kids!
Although I cant say I blame most of Europe. I dont know I would want to be raising my kids in a country that has ratified the UN Rights of a Child either.
If you really think our population is out of control I suggest you watch Demographic Winter if you want the truth about our worlds population. It used to be on google videos to watch for free, but I cant find it there anymore. You can search youtube but you mostly get the trailers. Anyways, what a bunch of nonsense it is to try and tell us our world is overpopulated!!!!
I'll just continue to trust and obey God when He told us to "be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth".

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Hannah said...

wow, what is this world coming to! Its sad when those of us who believe children are a blessing and who would not want a blessing are the minority in the church! thanks for posting this!