Monday, February 16, 2009

Picture overload!

Here are the promised sono pics and some of the girls. Enjoy :)

Its DEFINITELY a boy!!!! YAY!!!!!

Sweet little profile pic

He's raising his arm saying "Yeah!! Im a boy!!" Or as my friend Crystal said...looks like hes rockin out! :)

Getting ready to go to a Valentines Day party.

Almost the same pic as above but the face Audrey has is just so classic! She makes this sweet face all the time!

Super Ava

Sweet little Audrey. I love this picture. She was so pleased her sister let her hold the Valentines card box. She didnt want to let it go!


The Shepherd Family said...

cute! emma has the same dress and pants as audrey:)

Crystal said...

cute pictures! you've got some beautiful girls! =)

Denise said...

They are all adorable!!! Audrey has the cutest smile!!!

AmberP said...

Okay! I am posting here so I don't forget to give you the link to my blog... I LOVE THE GIRLS!!!!!!! I miss your two little older monkeys and sure wish I could meet little Audrey before she gets too big.
Miss you guys!