Friday, February 27, 2009

For the love of Ice and Dr Pepper!

As much as I'd like to blog about what a *insert your choice word here, mine would be idiot* President Obama is, I am going to refrain. All I can say is this country needs prayer. Where we're headed I dont think we can even imagine at this point in time. With whats happened in the first month of his Presidency I can not imagine where we'll be 3 years in to this awful mess!
And now...moving on.....
Well, we've made it through another week! Ive been feeling really tired this week and Im wondering if my anemia is coming back. When they drew my blood at the beginning of this pregnancy the Dr said all my numbers were great. I was a bit surprised but thats great since my last two pregnancies Ive been anemic. Other than major fatigue the big sign that clues me in to my iron level is my NEED for ice!! Sonic ice to be specific! I only ever crave it while I'm pregnant and my iron is low. And when I say crave I mean I buy bags of Sonic ice and it only takes a matter of days to devour it! Its actually a disorder (for lack of a better term) called Pica. Pica is a craving for something non-food I guess. Anyways, ice falls into the Pica category, even though it is edible. The Dr who delivered Ava told me what it was called and said I should be thankful Im only craving ice. He said some women, like in the backwoods of Tennessee and Arkansas crave dirt! Can you imagine?!?! So anyways, the past few days along with feeling really tired again Ive started dreaming about Sonic ice. Oh the thought makes me want some right now! And the closest Sonic is at least 20 mins away!!! Oh well....I need to move on :)
Im ending day 3 of NO Dr Pepper (or any cokes for that matter). This is a big thing for me. Let me rephrase that...this is HUGE for me. I am majorly addicted to Dr Pepper. So, even though Derek and I have never been apart of a church that practiced Lent we decided a couple of years ago that we would give something up every year. Its a good time of reflection and a good time of drawing strength from the Lord to overcome the urge for whatever we've given up. Every year we give up cokes. :) And I am NEVER successful. :( But this year I hope to be successful and go the entire 40 days (and hopefully beyond) Dr Pepper free. It might sound kinda silly but the past few days as Ive craved a DP or gotten in a mood where I "needed" a DP Ive prayed instead. Ive continually told myself I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me!!! That might sound silly to some to have to draw strength from the Lord to fight a coke (that would be soda or pop for you northerners!) addiction but trust me I need His strength here! And, of course, so far its worked! Ive even prayed about my moods and not being grumpy with the girls while Im going through the caffeine withdraws. It actually hasnt been that bad. I did get a caffeine headache last night but it wasnt nearly as bad as ones Ive had in the past. So, pray for us as we go through these next 37 days until Easter. I will succeed this time!!!

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