Saturday, February 21, 2009

Halfway there!

Well here I am....1 day away from being halfway through with this pregnancy. I really can't believe it. To think a year ago we were only wondering when the Lord would choose to bless us with another baby and here we are...expecting our first boy! This whole pregnancy is really exciting for us because we know everything is God ordained. We prayed that the Lord would bless us with another baby in HIS timing. Then we prayed (yes selfishly) for a boy. And now my last prayer, (other than a healthy baby of course!) is for a successful VBA3C. (Vaginal Birth After 3 C-sections)
After having such an awful recovery from my c/s with Audrey I really started looking into VBACs. Prior to this I was very *brainwashed* into thinking once a c/s always a c/s. I have big babies and Im a small person, it didnt "work" the first time so it never will. What a lie from the pit of Hell honestly! I came to the realization (duh) that as women God designed our bodies to birth babies! Now, there are circumstances that c/s are medically necessary, so those are not what Im referring to. Im talking about the c/s done day after day that are for the convenience of the Dr or even the mom. The c/s that are done bc the mom is told she "cant" have the baby on her own....for whatever reason the Dr can come up with. Women are scared into these c-sections, thinking that if they dont follow the commands of the all-knowing Dr that they are somehow bad moms. Or the c/s done bc they (like me) thought they couldn't have a baby vaginally bc they were induced when their body wasnt ready to birth that baby.
So, on my journey of educating myself on this issue I discovered some very startling things. First, I was surprised to find out that studies have proven that the risk of uterine rupture during a VBAC is only .7%. The risk after multiple c/s only rises to .9% chance of uterine rupture. That means that you have a less than 1% chance of that happening with a VBAC. (Or as my Dr put it, you have a 99.1% to a 99.3% chance of having a successful VBAC without uterine rupture!) So why on earth do Drs and other sources spread the lie that the risk is soooo great. That by attempting a VBAC you're possibly taking your life and the babies life in your own hands. That you're a selfish mother/woman for trying the natural way other than the surgical way. Hmm....I would say to add that to the books on the powers of the almighty dollar, if you ask me. (And since youre reading my blog you get my opinion :) ) The risks with having a c/s actually outweigh the risks with having a VBAC. So, I just dont understand why most Drs wont even allow their patients to have, or attempt, VBACs.
Once we found out we were expecting I began my search for a VBAC friendly Dr. First I thought my only option would be to find a midwife. Since we live so far out in the country, away from a decent hospital, I knew I didnt want a homebirth. I dont think I could live with myself if I fell into that less than 1% of women who have uterine rupture and I was an hour away from a good hospital. So, I searched for a midwife with a birthing center. The 2 that were even halfway close wouldnt accept me as a patient. After 3 c/s they didnt want to take the risks *read: liability*. One I talked to referred me to 2 Drs in the Dallas area who preform VBACs. I felt something in my spirit lead me to call one over the other. Then, I posted on one of my yahoo groups and asked about a VBAC friendly Dr. This same Drs name came up and was talked extremely highly of. Then the icing on the cake was talking to a friend I used to go to church with who went through midwifery (sp??) school. She also shared this same Drs name with me. So....I figured I had found my Dr! The only problem was he was an hour and a half away! I went ahead and made the appt and at the first appt was convinced I was in the right place with the right Dr. Despite the drive. Turns out this Dr is an awesome Man of God whose faith directs him through these VBAC births. I feel so blessed to have been led to him and every appt I am so encouraged about the outcome of this birth!!!
I guess in the end I just felt like I was missing out on a big piece of bringing life into the world by not getting to experience a normal vaginal birth. So now, we are praying that God allows us to experience the birth of our first son the way He intended life to enter the world!
So, halfway through this pregnancy I am so excited about every pain and uncomfortable sensation (well ok, Im trying to be!) I feel bc I know in the end we will see an awesome picture of the hand of God working in every area of this prenancy.


Hannah said...

awesome Lindsay! I am so thrilled for you and excited to see how it all works out. You are on a fun journey!

Scoggins Family said...

They often recommend the c/s due to liability. if anything goes wrong, or there is a [possibility that something will go terribly wrong, they can't afford the malpractice insurance if they get sued. It is to cover themselves in case of lawsuit. Malpractice lawsuits can cause them to go under due to damages cost. And can cause them to lose liscensing. I hope you are able to give birth vaginally, though. My sister in law has large babies and she is due in May with c/s #2. Her bone structure is too small to pass the 9 pound kiddos she has. Her first almost died after 2 hours of pushing because his head was too large to pass and he was out of fluid and heart rate was dropping quickly. Praying all goes well for you and little Owen!

Crystal said...

you are in my prayers to have a successful vbac. i feel confident that everything will go well. i'm so excited for you!! =)

Bates Fam said...

Praying for you to have a great 2nd half of pregnancy! Also for a great successful VBAC! If I ever have another (no we are not trying but we don't know God's plan for us always) I would push to try a VBAC. I was told that no hospital in the state of AR would allow one when I had Alex so I didn't think other wise.
Thank You for being bold enough to find the help you need and being an encouragement to those of us who may be in the same situaton.

Kristina said...

Wow! I didn't know that you had c/s with all the girls. I dont know why since we came to see you after you had Audrey.
Let me just tell you, being a Labor and Delivery nurse and getting asked lots of questions... I hope you have a successful VBAC. I actually took care of a pt 2 months ago who VBAC'd without an epidural. they are very very very rare. It was exciting to say the least but we were in the closest room to the OR.
I do agree that many Dr's (some of whom I work with) schedule c/s for convience for them or the mother. But I have seen several vagianal births gone really bad with some NICU involvement b/c there was no way that baby should have come out that way. Everytime something like that happens I would debreif at the desk and ask how in the world did women back in the old days do it. The answer was that many didnt have the best outcome. So, not to be debbie downer at all but take heed to what the MD's say. Seems you found a good one and if he ok's the VBAC power to ya!!! But if there is any doubt, please, take word from a labor and delivery nurse who HATES doing c/s and who cares about you... be careful. What hospital are you going to? I really do hope you can do it and it goes perfect!