Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So I just had to get on here and blog about this.
We were on our way home tonight and hit a giant raccoon. We couldnt swerve bc it came out of nowhere and going 70 miles an hour, didnt want to take a chance of flipping off the road. So anyways, we hit a raccoon. It was a loud thud that we could feel under the car. Keep in mind this is a Yukon XL (GMC version of a Suburban) so its not like its close to the ground. We get home and Derek starts examing the car. It knocked a flood light out, busted off some under panning and busted part of the underneath part of the bumper. SERIOUSLY!?!?! This is almost getting comical the random things that keep happening! Derek went back to search for the underpanning in hopes that it hasnt been hit and smashed to pieces and can be repaired. We shall see........

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Megan said...

Thank you so much for that story. I feel awful for your poor car and that crazy dead racoon, but do you remember or were you in the car when Mark Keller aimed for the racoons on the way back from a basketball game? Oh my goodness...that seems like so long ago! Linds, I just wish so much that I lived closer to you, and that we could experience some of these things together.