Sunday, January 18, 2009

Faith builders!

I just had to take a minute and blog about our day. God has shown Himself faithful and its so exciting to see Him work! First, Thursday night was family skate night at the local skating rink. Derek wasnt feeling well and Audrey has had a nasty croup type cough at night (only at night) so they stayed home. That left me, Elisa and Ava. We rarely get out just the 3 of us so they found this time to be a treat. The girls skated for a little bit and then we grabbed some food for dinner. I planned on getting them something for dinner at the skating rink but the place only took cash! No credit/debit cards. Weird. I rarely carry cash bc I always use my debit card. Fortunately they let me write a check. So, I had no cash for the snack bar. They were troopers and held out until after skating to eat.
We stopped at Taco Bell on the way home. I was craving a Taco Pizza (mmmmm....sounds good right now!). The girls normally hate Taco Bell and Derek isnt a big fan either. So I normally just go by myself. That night though I convinced the girls to try some nachos. They love nachos at home when I make them, so I figured they'd like Taco Bells too. They did :)
Well Friday night (they ate the nachos Thursday night) Ava woke up crying that her head, legs and arms were aching. I knew what that meant. She was having a dairy reaction to the cheese on the nachos. Dumb me! I cant handle that cheese so of course she couldnt! Let me tell you though....the body aches from a dairy reaction are some of the most painful things Ive ever experienced. This coming from a mom who's had 3 c-sections mind you! So, I knew she was in alot of pain. I gave her some tylenol and rubbed her legs until she fell back to sleep. ALl of this at like 3 in the morning.
She woke up Sat with a headache still. We just assumed it was from the reaction but we could tell she wasnt feeling well. We ran some errands and went to my parents house for a late Christmas with one of my brothers (well everyone was there) and his family. They had been visiting my sister in laws family in Roatan Hondoras. (aka tropical paradise!) Anyways, while we were there she started running a fever. Poor baby. Elisa, who freaks out about anyone being sick immidiatley started panicing about getting sick. So, my parents prayed for Ava to recover quickly and everyone else to be protected from sickness. That put Elisa at peace. Ava went to bed with a fever and.....woke up 100% completely well!!! Praise God!!We still stayed home from church though bc we didnt want to risk taking any sick germs and sharing them throughout kids church and the nursery. Good thing we can listen to the sermon online bc I HATE missing our Pastors teachings. It was so neat to discuss with Elisa how God answered her prayers so quickly! What a way to help build a little girls faith! !
Then, Derek had been looking online this week into more about his car and the timing belt issues. He ran across a website that instructed something to be aligned differently then the manual they had been going by did. So, today he and his dad worked on his car...again. Derek and I have been praying about the car situation everynight. We are fine with only 1 car. Its almost been nice not being able to get out of the house everyday and been forced to stay home. But the gas in a Yukon XL vs the gas in a little Mazda protege is a big difference!!! Plus we hated putting 80+ miles a day on our new car. So, after realigning whatever part it was...the car started!!!! Praise God!!! They drove it around a little and it seems to be doing fine. The only problem that remains is the oil light keeps coming on, eventhough Derek just changed the oil. Other than that...his car works!!! Thank you Lord!! top the day off I did our taxes. This is the first yr that we've ever gotten a W-2 back before Jan 31st, so that was a nice surprise when Derek brought it home last week. We always E-file through Turbo Tax bc it walks me through everything and bc our returns are really basic. Well, our return is MORE than I had anticipated!!! YAY!!!!! Sooooo excited about that! We can pay down some debt PLUS add on our master bedroom and bath like we were planning. We were just going to get the bed/bath started but now we'll be able to almost complete it, if not completely finish it before the baby gets here!! Im so excited!!!
Once we find out what we're having (Feb 11th) I can decide how Im gonna do the nursery (our exsisting bedroom). It will be sooooo nice to have 3 bedrooms instead of just 2. Audrey and the new baby will share a room together until Audrey is big enough to move into the "girls room" upstairs with big sisters. The baby will be in our room at first anyways. Well I guess I should get real...the baby will be in our room at least the first year, lol. Maybe this time around we'll get a baby who will sleep through the night quickly and wont rely on nursing to fall back to sleep. I wont be holding my breath though :)
Well, so much for this being short! I just had to update about all that God has done for us this weekend!!

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Jerilyn said...

I just wanted to pass a tip on to you regarding babies sleeping through the night regardless whether breast or bottle fed...Babies that are left in the rooms with their parents sleep less, they wake more due to the fact they smell the mother and hear the noises, beit snoring, coughing, dreams....I had a baby @ 38, my 3rd, but had not had one in 18 years..things change. studies show, babies and parents get more sleep by removing the baby from the parents room..use a monitor, TV little girl was removed after 2 weeks, she was sleeping all night at 5 weeks..people I tell this to, try it and praise about the results......Mom, Dad and baby are so deserving of their sleep