Thursday, January 22, 2009

Praying for a.......

boy? Well I have to admit it’s not much of a secret that we would LOVE to be blessed with a little boy. Obviously, another girl would be a blessing too but how about just a healthy baby regardless of the gender? Seems like an obvious prayer request of a parent, right?
For whatever reason in the past week I have ran across 2 separate blogs, through separate ways, that are chronicling or chronicled the journey of sick babies. Last week I began reading the story of little Audrey Caroline. As I sat reading her story I was consumed with the ugly cry. I don’t know if it hit so hard because we have our own little Audrey or if it was because I’m pregnant or because they already had three girls. For whatever reason, the blog just struck a chord with me.
The faith of Angie and her husband (who happens to be one of the singers in Selah) is just amazing! What a strong woman of God she is! Reading through this story made me stop and think….shouldn’t that be our main prayer? Just a healthy baby? And shouldn’t we be just as overjoyed with another girl as we would be with a boy? Judge me if you want but I can’t honestly say that there wouldn’t be disappointment if we go next month and are told that it’s another girl. (Talk about being brutally honest here!) We didn’t plan (or rather allow God to plan) this baby in hopes it would be a boy….just having a boy would be a big perk! I am settled that it may be another girl, what else can I do!?, so I am constantly praying that the Lord prepares our hearts for whatever the gender of this new blessing turns out to be. I am also praying, more than before, for a healthy baby. I’m praying for a heart of excitement (I would have eventually gotten to this point) as soon as the sonographer tells us the gender of this baby. And a heart of gratitude was we find out I’m carrying a healthy baby.
I just assume that I’ll have healthy pregnancies, I’ve never had otherwise. But, when I run across these blogs of other families who have had to experience the pain of something not being perfect, reality hits.
So, if you have some extra time check out the faith of this family in the blog


And please please begin keeping this family and little Harper in your prayers.

I had to come back today and ad this blog to the list of babies to pray for. I cant imagine what they are going through.

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Crystal said...

Just wanted to let you know that you and your family are always in our prayers. I pray that you will have a healthy baby boy or girl and I know that whatever God gives you, you will truly be blessed. Thank you also for sharing the stories of the other babies. They too will be in my prayers. As Exie has gotten older I have ran across many people through friends of friends and friends of family and friends of church members that let me know they prayed for Exie when she was born and it just reminds me again and again that there is real power through prayer and that God is always in control, we just need to have faith in him. We love you guys and can't wait to meet the new Lane this summer. =)