Monday, November 16, 2009

Laundry Day!

This week my goal is to get completely caught up on laundry. I would say clothing, in general, is my biggest 'issue' in this house. First, I can never stay on top of it so its constantly overflowing. Second, when I do get anywhere close to being caught up there is no where to put everything! Derek and I are sharing 2 child size dressers with Owen and Audrey. That in itself is a recipe for disaster. Elisa and Ava have a dresser in their room that they share as well. But, in all honesty, the could each use a smaller one of their own. So, finding places for all this clean laundry is a task in itself! Also, we do not have enough closet space to hang a wardrobe X's 6 anywhere in this house.
Once we get a new master bedroom added on (which would have been lovely if it had been by now) we'll invest in a dresser for just Derek and me. We are also planning on making a HUGE closet in our room. Possibly a 'family' closet so everything goes to one place. That would be wonderful.
In the meantime, I have to figure out what to do with it all right now!
So far this morning I have 1 load folded, with help of my 2 big girls. Two are waiting to be folded. One is washing and 1 is drying. I have about 10 to go. Yeah, dont judge me :) Wish me luck!

While writing this I cant figure out what the rule of thumb would be on writing out numbers vs using digits. I know that you're supposed to stick with one method but starting out a sentence using a digit doesn't seem to be the proper way either. Thats why I mixed us the words and the digits at the end. Anyone want to correct me??

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