Friday, July 17, 2009

Yes, Im still pregnant

As much as I would LOOOOVEEEE to not be pregnant anymore, and have little Owen here with us, I am still pregnant.
Although Im *only* 40 weeks 2 days at this point I am getting very anxious and impatient. My last 2 pregnancies didnt last past 38 weeks and I only went 2 more days (than I am now) with Elisa before being induced. I am trying to trust in the Lords timing.....but am constantly reminding Him that I really am done being pregnant ;)
We walked over 2 miles today. Doesnt seem like much but when youre this pregnant and 50+ lbs heavier than normal you'd think that that much walking would do something. But, as soon as we're done walking any contractions Im having tapper off. UGH!
Please pray for me to endure the rest of this time being pregnant. God is good and I know Owen will come in His perfect timing, I just dont feel I can wait much longer! LOL


Joy Howse said...

Little man is picking the perfect time to join the fun!! Trust in your body! Trust in God's timing! You can do it! I was 40.3 with Aiden, more pregnant then I had ever been (37.2 and 38). Seems like they will never get here and then when they are here it seems like they always have been. You can do it!!!!!! many prayers for strength and peace for you.

Megan said...

You poor thing! I'm prayin for you!

Carmen said...

I'm praying that by the time you read this, you will already have delivered!